Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cleanin out my BlogRoll

♫ I'm Sorry Blogger, I Never Meant to Change You
♫ I Never Meant to Change My Blog
♫ But Tonight..
♫ I'm Cleanin out my Blogroll

Hehe, Messin with Eminem's Wicked rhymes.

Well, That's because I just cleaned out my blogroll of those dead links and One-Sided links.

X means EEEKKK, O means of those who has valid reasons

No, it's not a game of Tic-Tac-Toe. it's the listings of dead links in my blogroll, you can visit my blogroll HERE.

Is your badge removed? Comment and link me back :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hey! My Twitter is Still Alive!

Cedngasngu! A.k.a DarkCircuit!

Please do feel free to follow me :))

I haven't been updating this blog, cause of the fact that my advertisement pack from adgitize just expired, I'll be waiting for a certain day before I advertise again.

Thanks to those who still visits me around here, I'm sorry I can't return the favor yet, I'll promise to dropby!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Weird Dream

I know every dream has a meaning behind it, but what does this mean?

As all dreams become blurry as time passes after you wake up, I only remembered key events on my weird dream.

There was this dog house that brutally kills dogs just because they are overpopulated, then someone told the owner that there's another kind of doghouse that adopts dogs that doesn't kill dogs, instead they don't eat just to feed the dogs they have adopted, the owner decided to burn down his slaughterhouse for dogs and drove off with all the dogs.

Then there was a threat on my family, and when we were running out of food, I saw someone came in the door, dropped off a grocery of foods, and turned away, my sister and cousin followed the guy, they were shocked and can't believe it, they said that he is our "Real Grandfather", but he doesn't look like my grandfather at all, and they said that my late grandfather was only our "Pretend Grandfather", but I didn't believe them, a scene was played in my mind, my late grandfather was patting my head, and I was saying to myself "If he's my pretend grandfather.. why was he this kind.. this loving to me?".

The third key scene was my long lost friend that left because I didn't let him borrow a certain book (yup you heard it right, he left because I didn't let him borrow a BOOK) came back, he was being tracked by these bandits because of what he did (the "left because of a book thing") so I felt partially responsible, then, a bandit came with a knife, he gave me the knife and said to stab my friend, but I refused, so he deepened the knife's blade to my hand until I obey him.

Take it.. Come on and stab me, it's allright..

My friend uttered, but still I let the blade of that knife cut my hand, then the bandit left, then I woke up.

I stretched my arm up high, looked at it and there was no scar at all, it was really a weird weird WEIRD dream I ever had.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Mulan : Be a Man

I really love this song from the movie "Mulan", I don't know why but everytime mulan is replayed, I try to watch this part XD.