Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BC Bloggers Out NOW!

The much awaited BC Bloggers is out now, you can see it in my blogroll,

You can look through HEREto see the new BC Bloggers links,

BC Bloggers has a new innovative trick this time around, They implemented a 3-Way policy wherein not all links would be given out to all BC Blogger members, because miss paula of BC Bloggers stated that this umm.. how do I say this, this isnt illegal but still it is not advisable,

My mentor, Mr.Llama told me that this is called "Link Farming", wherein the juice of your blog would be like squished out if you do this,

The avoidance to this was simple yet unique, as the name says, the 3-Way policy would consist of 3 groups. which will link to each other, maybe this doodles will help.

And there you go :D the simple creative club that was created by other bloggers to help each other, I hope people were like this in the real world...

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Many Birthdays have come, But only some were celebrated,

Im not that in to my own Birthdays, Its such a hassle, I only want the present part, :D

Yes You may think im greedy, but when you come from a frugal family, you'll only experience birthdays on certain age, its a saying when a girl/boy reaches this point of age, its like a "Pre-Debut" stage, wherein it needs to be celebrated.

So I only celebrate my birthday like an ordinary day.

I only Request foods to be cooked just enough for our family.

Our family is suffering from financial problem as we speak, so I dont want to add more to their list.

Dont get me wrong, Im not sad and all, Im contented with the way things go, and for some reasons, Im happy with simple things,

But the best thing today was about her.... :DDD

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Questions for Adgitize's new rules

As I look back to the implemented rule of adgitize, some questions arose from my head, so if someone can clarify these out, I wish you could give me a hand here.

As Adgitize said, they want quality content, but what about other blogs that have routines? like "Wordless Wednesday"? are their routines still valid for posts?

Im thinking to have a routine myself, I dont know what to do for now, But I know I'll cook something up.

And the fishbones are slowly being removed from our throats, defenses ending, tests being taken, just a bit more, and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel :D

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Got some good news and Bad news

Today, I got banned from Onbux, whea what the heck, life goes on, but as soon as I got back from school, I started twitching my MP4 player, It came from china, so It doesnt have a brand name, and for some reason I set my MP4 player's startup picture as a GIF one, then later on I found myself regretting what I did :X, If you want to donate a music player. please do :)

After that I decided to cool of my head's frustration by surfing, when I went to "Adgitize" I found out that they had a new rule implemented!


There they posted on what they sadly saw on the "Adgitize"'s blog community,

They've spotted adgitizer publishers having only banners, only ads, no blogpost, yes some has blogpost but their post only consist of a one picture (which is by the way wasnt taken by them) and one line,

I confess I did this a past week ago, It was because of the hectic schedule at hand that day, but now its back to blogging, so its a lucky break that I found out about this, or I would've been removed as a publisher,

But I wish as publishers get smaller, they'll put on more benefits, like for instance giving incentives and what not,

Monday, August 23, 2010

I got Banned from my favorite site ever

Today Last night we finished defending our project in school, I was so happy when it ended, because I know that we (Mr.Llama) can go back to our blogging career, when I got home I slept right away, when I woke up to post about what happened on the forum, i was surprised when a popup came onto my face..

Sad, I dont know when this will end, But I know it is for a month, I can still access my account and click ads, and manage my great referrals, but something doesnt feel right..

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cherish the life we have

I know I havent wrote a great article these past days, maybe i've been rusty all of these days of blogging inactivity, But I know when I watched this video, I just know thatn I have to blog about it

This video is about a cat that got run off by a car, typical day for an unlucky cat you might ask, but that cat wasnt the one unlucky, it was his friend T_T

The sad part of this is there's a commentor that talks about how funny the viewer was, they were crying about a pathetic creature, and he brags that he kills animals for his amusement, what a heartless b*st*rd, and the saddest part, he's a fellow filipino T_T

This is the kind of citizen we have that pulls down our economy

Guys dont be heartless, we were created intelligent enough to take care those who have less than us, please blog about this guy too, I want justice for these poor animals,

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another What The??

Lemme see you get outta that car :D

Friday, August 20, 2010

What THE??


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sorry guys

This is what im busy about, hope you guys understand

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Super Mario Frustration

Super Mario has been around since.. since.. since I can remember! :) super mario was already a hit when I was born, heck my father was playing super mario (and battle city), super mario entertained the whole world for many of years, and now just you think that the game doesnt have any more surprises, well, think again!

This is a hilarious video shown to me by my classmate, its titled Super Mario Frustration, Hehe, its so funny, you would get this if you played the game, if you havent played the game, I dont know how that happened or why, but you have to play the game first so you can get the joke of this video

Really funny, he lasted within 28 minutes playing that? if It were me, My game console wouldve already been flying through the roof!

This video clearly states that mario still have tricks up his sleeves :D

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bllogroll, Woot woot for Blogroll

As a Blogger, a "Blogroll" is another way to interact with other blogs, so if you dont haee one yet, I suggest you create one :D

I would like to increase my blogroll if possible, Interested ones that want to be part of my blogroll, please use the chatbox to contact me :D

Hah, Alas, Im writing all of these, but my traffic is so low T_T so whats the point? there's no reader?

Hmm, as all begins small, we must persevere to get to the top.

"I will never say never!"

Haha, :D talk about JB's song, (NOTE: IM NOT A JB FAN!!!!)

Friday, August 13, 2010


Drinking juice is healthy, said so by my fellow clickers at Onbux, I asked about how to be fit and how to stay healthy, he said just eat fruits daily and drink a lot of juices,

At first I only thought of juice as another way to drink your water, little did I know it was healthy!

Now I Drink Juices everyday as much as possible, and eat fruits at least once everyday,

Speaking of juices, I just remembered that blogs have juices too, these juices are what keeps the blog in tip - top shape, my friend Mr.Llama told me about these juices, well as you can see, his blogs are more juicier than of mine :). but now Mr.Llama is having a hard time balancing school and blogging, and so do I,

I wish this month would end, its giving me and Mr.Llama a headache!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pasts Haunting Me

Reminising about the past is always a fun thing to do, you remember all of the things you did, the things that was done to you, and the fun part is, others you might've regret, and others you are proud of.

Strangest of the days, some parts of my past arose from nowhere today.

When I got to the jeep onto school, a friend of mine from elementary/highschool rode the same jeep as mine, surprised, I smiled at her, as awkwardness exist, I didnt speak to her even one word, oh yeah I said something, "Got to go, Bye", man talk about rude, :D.

When I got home, I turned on my computer to do some daily routine and to do school stuffs, then I saw her comment (This girl is different from the one i rode with, this girl's my elementary idol), my curiosity was aroused, and got me typing, hi's and hello's were thrown, because thats the only thing im allowed to talk to, :X.

(When I was typing this part, my media player was playing "She's got a boyfriend now", talk about coincidence)

I've wondered about things that I never did back then, and what would've happened if I did those things, hmm..

Oh yeah, Me, Mr.Llama, and AGM is working on a school group project, right now AGM is doing the coding while Mr.Llama is doing the writing, and here am I, posting my latest blog post, man talk about a great groupmate, lets give Mr.Llama Link loves :D

Wednesday, August 11, 2010



Note: If you hate someone, dont say it like this, what, you jealous? your life must be so miserable to take it out on Adam Young,

"If you got nothing good to say,


Man this guy got inside my nerves, I dont want to talk sh*t about him but why do this right? man.

I hope haters out there dont do this like this

I watched a movie last week, the moral of the movie was said by the character after defeating the movie's antagonist, he said to all the audiences

"I am not here to brag, no one has the right, even what state of living you live with, every human has his own dignity, we all are equal when it goes down to this,"

Hope he can read this post,

Im not looking for a fight man, I just want to straighten this out.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Keep on Fighting

The War against school projects has begun, yesterday, my classmates and I are planning to go on the "National Library", there we need to find references for our project, but our teacher said the book's life span is only for 5 years, after that the book is obsolete, after sending one of our classmate before us, she informed us that the latest books on national library was only 2004, we needed at least 2005 in order for the book to be usable, then we ended at our school's library,

Im not wearing my uniform that time, and I was in my "Shorts" not pants, so I wasnt able to go inside school rooms. including the library, did you know how hot our corridors are? luckily for me a stand fan has an empty spot on his front, and I was there for the taking :)

Then we went to our classmate to do stuff for our java class, before that we sat and ate to our heart's content, my my, I remember my stomach feelin right, not full, but yet not hungry, enough of the food talk, after that, all we 3 sat down on our workstation and meddled with the java codes given to us by our professor, thankfully we 3 understood all that was taught.

Now I looked back what we've done, This day was suppose to focus on the project at our English class, but I think we ended up doing projects for our Java class, man talk about unscheduled planning :>

This is just the beginning of the war, There are more battles to come, HEAVEN OR HELL! LETS ROCK!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Adgitizer's Common Mistake

When Your Adgitizing, Its like your playing a game of "Memory", you have to remember who you just clicked, but thats not my friend and I only memorizes, We memorize the DEAD END!

The DEAD END can be found everywhere in Adgitize, These DEAD END's are blogs that have no Adgitize banner, and thus, me and my friend dont go to this kind of sites, they are on our black list :D

Of course, who wouldve want to go to a blog without adgitize? Its like your parents sayig they'll get you your new toy but after 2 years before they will buy it,

Man, and to think they pay good money for advertising, they are just wasting them if you ask me, or maybe their traffic is too much that Adgitize is some kind of their tool :D

Dont let my comments get to you, Im just saying what I want, If you have a violent reaction about this, feel free to say so.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Man Talk About Rappin!

(NOTE:Watch the first video before the second one)

OMG! Talk about messing up a report video, man whoever did this..


He's good,

Im talking about this video, this was a report video about a peeping tom that has evolved into a perv that busted inside a house to attempt to rape a girl inside her own bedroom! Talk about an effed up person!

Anyways, I got this on my Favorite PTC site Onbux, Register to see members post videos like this on the forums :)

The video uptop was the original video report, The next video was edited by some genius haha :D he's really good,

HAHA, Read The Comments :)

i love how he's like dancing :p


This is better than all that T-Pain shit


He's Climbing your windows, He's snatching your people up, Tryin to rape em so you need to hide ya kids hide ya wife hide ya kids hide ya wife hide ya kids hide ya wife,
and hide them good cause they rapin everybody out there.

You dont have to come and confess, were looking for YOU! We gonna find YOU! We gonna find YOU!

So you can run untill that, run untill that Homeboy, home home homeboy

We got your Tshirts you left and Fingerprints and all, you are so DUMB! you are really DUMB! yeah

The Man Got away Leaving Behind Evidence

I was attacked by some Idiot (dont know this part)



Break it down guys :)

Adgitize or Thesis

Awww, I never expected to come to this decision, where I have to choose between Adgitize or my schoolwork.

Specially this week would be the "Cramming" day for all of my class project, It will be consisting of 2 thesis and 3 projects, a bunch of CWA, and an upcoming CWE that would be the summarization of everything we've learned these past schooldays,

Dont get me wrong, I wont forget Adgitize, But because of extremely slow speed of our internet connection, the time for me to finish coming up with an article and to finish all 100 clicks in just a nic of time would be impossible while doing those projects at school.

Bare with me with these week, I love Adgitizeing But with the schedule, Im not going to get any Adgitizeing Time, sad :(, But I will do everything I can to do my projects and still do my Adgitizeing, I wish I can do everything at the same time.

Oh how I wish this week would end, so I can go back to Adgitizeing :D

How about you? got problem Adgitizeing lately?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Two Who Hided in the Shadows

I Blogged about my life before I focused on this blog and Increasing its alexa rank and its PR, So I hid the Two of my blog, I never Intended to Show them to the public :D

Then, as desperate as I was, I Tried to use this two as an exposure for the "OneStopBlogz" blog, Then I thought of it, and a few teaching from Mr.Llama and I decided to do his teachings, and Having a banner on my Blog for the two.

The two blogs, "Let Me In" and "Is It Broken", is the yin and yang, light and dark, good and evil side of my lovelife (If I Ever Have One),

"Is It Broken"

This Blog of mine talked about the dark side to love, Its hard to explain but I stated all of this without even having a relationship with someone, just read it and try to understand it :D, The theme "SecondhandSerenade" is what i chose because the band's song is my favorite, every single song of them :D, and it compromises the blog's "Atmosphere", and will take readers to a roller coaster emotional ride :D

"Let Me In"

This Blog focus more on the "Positive" Side of love, and like the other blog, I wrote all of those without being involved in a relationship, pretty unbelievable you might think, and as I stated on the other blog's description, just read it and try to understand it :D, The theme "OwlCity" is the perfect touch to this blog, their songs are much likely on the positive side of love, They (Secondhand Serenade) Have much in common, OwlCity has songs too that emphasize the negative side of love, and so does Secondhand Serenade, Vice versa.

I decided to make a public debut for these two blogs because I was inspired by both bands and their new albums,

Hear Me Now for Secondhand Serenade and Sky Sailing for Owl City.

These two made me go in a emotional ride, with the songs having awesome videos, what more could I ask for? Hope you guys check it out, :D you dont need to search no more, the songs Im talking about is inside those blogs :D

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Tetris! EXTREME!

Arcade is a boy's favorite hangout, others make Arcade as their second home, so addicted to games, they only go home for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, you get the picture, an Example of an avid Arcade gamer would be Like this.

For me, The hardest games on the Arcade is the "Fighting games", doing combos and whatnot, and chaining up abilities to create a combo, its too hard, you have to memorize the button that you will have to press.

When I saw this video, I thought to myself "Tekken aint near enough with this dude!", He's so good he makes "Fighting games" Look like childs play,

What game is he playing you might ask?..


I told this video about my friend, He said that he can do it too, this is just a video edited, fast forwarded, to turn into this, but I dont know if he's right or not, In our time today, something like this can be edited easily by computer whiz!, They can edit this stuff to gain false respect and adoration from other people, but I dont know who to believe, you be the judge!

I like the "Invisible" Part, talk about wicked! :D

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Watch Miss Universe 2010 Online Live Streaming

In the Web/Net

Chicks on their bikinis, answering questions, and men watching in their TV sets with a couple of beers, what could you ask for?

The Miss Universe 2010 Is nearing its date! The upcoming Miss Universe 2010 will consist of 80 Countries represented by women of their respective country battling it out for the title Miss Universe 2010

The Miss Universe 2010 Pageant will be advisable to Watch Miss Universe 2010 Online Live Streaming, but you can also watch it in your TV set,

Watch Miss Universe 2010 Online Live Streaming Will be more efficient than watching in your TV sets, because internet can be anywhere, thus, its more compact, so Watch Miss Universe 2010 Online Live Streaming!

The dates of Miss Universe 2010 And its official Airing date on TV can be found on the blogpost of Mr.Llama named Watch Miss Universe 2010 Online Live Streaming

So if you want to Watch Miss Universe 2010 Online Live Streaming, you better tune in Mr.Llama's Watch Miss Universe 2010 Online Live Streaming Blog post so you can be up to date in Miss Universe 2010, The link will be provided below,

Watch Miss Universe 2010 Online Live Streaming

Monday, August 2, 2010

Dota 6.68

The famous Dota Map game on Warcraft 3 platform has its newest installment in the Dota maps legacy, Dota 6.68 Is the latest release from icefrog,

Dota 6.68 Contains 4 new hero for Dota fans to feast on with, They are Gyrocopter, Far seer, Shadow Demon, and Guardian Whisp

Gyrocopter is an AGI hero (My favorite of the four)
Far Seer and Shadow demon are both INT (Dont let their attribute fool you, they might be INT types but they sure pack a punch)
And Guardian Whisp is an STR hero (A support hero that can gank ANYWHERE {LITERALLY})

These four are available to the map in Dota 6.68, you can download the map Dota 6.68 in the official Getdota.com website,

The promised hero, Phoenix, was said to be released in the later on map Dota 6.69, and would not be released in the latest Dota 6.68 map, because IceFrog said that the hero Phoenix would rather be fun than to be rushed, but in my own opinion, the four heroes will keep the dota community busy for awhile until the hero Phoenix Will be released.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Amazon's Mysterious Box

Ok ok, before you watch the video, Lemme clear this for ya, no one will jump out and scare your pants to hell, and no face will pop out to rickroll you :D

So you can watch in peace, just watch the video here, copy paste this link to your address bar


After watching the video, read the comments :D rotfl

And listen closely, That box is dropping beats! Break it Down!