Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cherish the life we have

I know I havent wrote a great article these past days, maybe i've been rusty all of these days of blogging inactivity, But I know when I watched this video, I just know thatn I have to blog about it

This video is about a cat that got run off by a car, typical day for an unlucky cat you might ask, but that cat wasnt the one unlucky, it was his friend T_T

The sad part of this is there's a commentor that talks about how funny the viewer was, they were crying about a pathetic creature, and he brags that he kills animals for his amusement, what a heartless b*st*rd, and the saddest part, he's a fellow filipino T_T

This is the kind of citizen we have that pulls down our economy

Guys dont be heartless, we were created intelligent enough to take care those who have less than us, please blog about this guy too, I want justice for these poor animals,


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