Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BC Bloggers Out NOW!

The much awaited BC Bloggers is out now, you can see it in my blogroll,

You can look through HEREto see the new BC Bloggers links,

BC Bloggers has a new innovative trick this time around, They implemented a 3-Way policy wherein not all links would be given out to all BC Blogger members, because miss paula of BC Bloggers stated that this umm.. how do I say this, this isnt illegal but still it is not advisable,

My mentor, Mr.Llama told me that this is called "Link Farming", wherein the juice of your blog would be like squished out if you do this,

The avoidance to this was simple yet unique, as the name says, the 3-Way policy would consist of 3 groups. which will link to each other, maybe this doodles will help.

And there you go :D the simple creative club that was created by other bloggers to help each other, I hope people were like this in the real world...


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