Sunday, August 15, 2010

Super Mario Frustration

Super Mario has been around since.. since.. since I can remember! :) super mario was already a hit when I was born, heck my father was playing super mario (and battle city), super mario entertained the whole world for many of years, and now just you think that the game doesnt have any more surprises, well, think again!

This is a hilarious video shown to me by my classmate, its titled Super Mario Frustration, Hehe, its so funny, you would get this if you played the game, if you havent played the game, I dont know how that happened or why, but you have to play the game first so you can get the joke of this video

Really funny, he lasted within 28 minutes playing that? if It were me, My game console wouldve already been flying through the roof!

This video clearly states that mario still have tricks up his sleeves :D


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