Monday, March 4, 2013

What's up guys!

Hey! It's been awhile since I've seen my blog, aaaaaand let alone publish a post! haha! I just wanted to see how you guys are doing.

I've been out of the game for about a year or two, I hope you guys can show me the ropes, is there any traffic exchange sites you're effectively using? (more Adgitize-like websites) what techniques are you using to get traffic?

Adgitize was really the greatest blogging exchange site I've joined, I was a bit down when it bid its farewell and went offline.

So what's new about you guys? Post it below at the comments, I'd like to know about your progress, I want to read all about it!

Oh, I got this traffic generating site, I would like to make a profit out of it to be honest, it's about a textmate blog, let me know what ideas you have in mind for that.

(Just sayin' "Hi")

Friday, June 1, 2012

Ready your blogs!

Thankfully I've been blogging for about a week, Hooray for me! I've managed to keep my blogging fire burning for a whole week! wow! an achievement, well.. now I'm just exaggerating.

I know blogging is about expressing your thoughts and whatnot, but when you know that no one's reading, it kinda makes you feel sad and blow out the flames of blogging, so I made up my mind to visit my old blogger friend's blog, after all, I've been away for far too long, maybe they have stopped blogging too.

Ready up your blogs 'cause cedngasngu will be visiting! Dropping rad comments! ahahahahaha!

I'd make a good super villain don't you think? 

Speaking of super villain, here's my favorite of them all

Sepiroth of Final Fantasy VII

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm now a degree holder

Well atleast I think so. do you call someone that finished a four year course a degree holder XD

Today was our graduation day. It was really a day to remember, im so glad it wasn't that teary-eyed kind of graduation, it's just not me to wimp about like that, but i'm a very emotional guy, but I just don't want to flaunt that trait of mine.

I remember graduating from my High School, it was like this one too, our section was the only one that didn't shed a tear, we were all happy and smiling, maybe because we weren't that close, and so all of us now barely has contact with each other, or maybe I'm the only one thinking that we weren't that close.

We weren't close enough? I hope this isn't the reason why we didn't cry, we're pretty close alright! those memories I hold dear from them, those times that were spent together exchanging stories and sharing laughs. those sleepovers that has a serious-air aura making projects, thesis, and whatnot. this memories are too vivid for me to forget, too real for me to say that we were close.

I congratulate my colleagues and my mentors.. no.. my friends.. better yet.. my family.. yes, that's an appopriate term for us, we we're all but a one big happy family, a family of indifference, with conflicts and fighting, but worked and played hard as any others would combined.

I'm not seeing this graduation as the end to our friendship. I'm seeing this as a new chapter on us friends. how we would bond even after, how we would adjust our schedule to make time for friends, I hope that we'll be like that.

And also, I'm not seeing this as the end of my student life, I'm seeing this as me finishing BSIT and taking up a new course, a course that everyone is obligated to take, the course that we call "Life"

A friend of mine and me trying out our graduation caps
(Image subject to change, I know she'll be mad at me for using this picture)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

All good things must come to an end

Well, so much for my comeback..

Ahahaha! But I won't let that hinder me from blogging! Haza!

Tomorrow's the big day, Graduation day. all those years of studying, those hardships, those meetings, those joys, sadness, and everything and anything in between, will all come to an end in that day, within that stage.

Those times may come to pass, but those memories.. oh I'm sure they'll last..

Through some of those years, I've picked up things that I should be doing not just at work, but in my everyday life. here's a screenshot of my newest anime addiction "Fate Zero", here, rider was talking to his novice mage master.

"Using a simple method to accomplish something impressive
far outshines using a complex method to achieve the same thing"

-Rider (Iskandar "Alexander the Great"), Fate Zero

You don't need flashy methods to accomplish things, even the simplest of the method is enough. actually, it is far more remarkable.

In short, I don't work hard, I work SMART.

I sure do hope that i'm prepared for the real world, and I sure the hell hope that the world's prepared for ME!

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Comeback! Cedngasngu it is!


As today, well, technically it's the 28Th, I stated on my facebook account that I'll be back on the blogging world by the night of the 27Th, it can't be helped, friends are a priority :)

Well hello to all! It's been a long long long long looooong time since i've blogged about.. umm.. err. anything, my blog's last post was even about me saying "I'm Back", it's even titled "I'm Back", but alas, the fire that burned that day for my passion for blogging was put out instantly, I hope this fire that's burning right now will keep my blogging passion alive.

Usually, when I come back, I come back with a bang, but mostly it's like some of the firecrackers on New Year's Eve, all smoke and no boom, if you get my drift, so i won't be posting about those, i don't want to let you guys down, i don't want to let myself down too, so it's better that I don't list them down now, but expect it from this blog and my other blogs.

Hey! Looks like google's celebrating my comeback to the blogging industry. it even gave the blogging dashboard a new look, aww google you shouldn't have :) what do you think about the new dashboard layout? Let me know.

It's been said and done, I'm graduating at the 30TH of this month, just two days left, and i'll be a responsible-not-going-to-school-finding-work-no-lunchmoney-more-responsibility kinda guy, well once you put it out there, it's kinda sad and scary if you put it that way, but really, i'm excited, and so are my fellow blogger Deej from DeejSpeaks and Nash from PinayMahadera

I'll be tweaking my pages and some parts of this blog, be sure to tune in! hope to hear from you guys, i've missed you all :D no really, i want to hear from you guys, what you've been up to, hehe, well, that's it.

I'll be making a non boombastic post as my comeback post for now, to make sure that my post'll be more awesome and awesome.

Epic writing is Epic