Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm now a degree holder

Well atleast I think so. do you call someone that finished a four year course a degree holder XD

Today was our graduation day. It was really a day to remember, im so glad it wasn't that teary-eyed kind of graduation, it's just not me to wimp about like that, but i'm a very emotional guy, but I just don't want to flaunt that trait of mine.

I remember graduating from my High School, it was like this one too, our section was the only one that didn't shed a tear, we were all happy and smiling, maybe because we weren't that close, and so all of us now barely has contact with each other, or maybe I'm the only one thinking that we weren't that close.

We weren't close enough? I hope this isn't the reason why we didn't cry, we're pretty close alright! those memories I hold dear from them, those times that were spent together exchanging stories and sharing laughs. those sleepovers that has a serious-air aura making projects, thesis, and whatnot. this memories are too vivid for me to forget, too real for me to say that we were close.

I congratulate my colleagues and my mentors.. no.. my friends.. better yet.. my family.. yes, that's an appopriate term for us, we we're all but a one big happy family, a family of indifference, with conflicts and fighting, but worked and played hard as any others would combined.

I'm not seeing this graduation as the end to our friendship. I'm seeing this as a new chapter on us friends. how we would bond even after, how we would adjust our schedule to make time for friends, I hope that we'll be like that.

And also, I'm not seeing this as the end of my student life, I'm seeing this as me finishing BSIT and taking up a new course, a course that everyone is obligated to take, the course that we call "Life"

A friend of mine and me trying out our graduation caps
(Image subject to change, I know she'll be mad at me for using this picture)


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