Friday, December 31, 2010



Blog under construction!

Say byebye to this old template, i'll be changing this template, and for now, i'll be using a lock on page as my template.

See yah on the other side! :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Still waiting for that codes

I don't know where to start looking for that codes XD

I hope I get it before January 1, err, or maybe i'll just reschedule it, oh I have many things I want to do with my blog err! busy busy busy! :) haha

And how about that chatbox right over there >>

Should I keep it? or ditch it? many are removing their chatbox because of the non english folks too lazy to use the google translate, hmm.

Well, lets see where this goes, please do comment on where or who might have codes for the "Top Commenter" widget XD thanks

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Getting ready for the new year

I am getting ready for the newyear, for me and my blog :)

I will add "Top Commenter" next year on my blog, and add some things that I'll reveal later on :)

Please do tell me where to get counters for the commenter, I know its a code, please I humbly request the usage and access to those codes, thanks :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Step Five, Finale

The three were shocked, Mr President talked to the manager, and next thing you know, were dining at the table! I think they arranged an agreement to allocate that table too, so there were 12 tables in total, he didn't rest until the table was settled, four of us, Me, My classmate and his girlfriend, and even Mr. President joined the table, we ate foods that were cooked for 10 people, so in the end, I was really full that I can't even eat a spoonful of rice!

I was really thankful I voted Mr. President at our school election :)

Then, there were performances from different years, different groups, as we are tight with some of our profs, and Mr. President being our choreographer, we told the MC that we'll be the last to perform, (Ofcourse! Ensured by Mafia XD kidding!).

The first up to perform was the first years, I was told that they would be performing a comedy dance too, maybe they were inspired by our comedy last acquaintance party.

We watched them perform, I too had some laughs on their performances, specially with their crowd pleaser! I can't describe it into words, because it'll be discrimination XD.

Second up were groups from I think the first years again, and once again, they performed a comedy.

Then, the School's student council was up, They performed the hand-with-white-gloves-with-neon-lights interpretation, the song was I believe was a religious one, it was really touching, and given the fact that their performance complimented the song, it too was a hit, I was proud to hold the curtain for them.

Then, the moment we're waiting for, our group was up! everyone had sweaty hands, (well, me to be precise), you can see that everyone was nervous, so we decided to huddle up, said what we were doing this for, then shouted a warcry that goes like this..

glog glog..........................LAPOK!

That's our group's name! hehe, with the warcry's buffs on us, we set on to the stage.

And this is where I end my story :) hahahahahaha.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Step Four, The Surprise

Aa I went to my friend's table, I saw all of them all set and ready to party, in a table, there were 11 or 10 people, this is the only allowed number of people per table, this is to maximize the allocation of food, and to evenly distribute in it, one too short or one too many would lead to shortage / surplus.

As they are already complete, I am not allowed to join them, so I sat at the table next to them, it was empty, and there were a sign putted up saying "Reserve", there, another friend of mine joined me, he was a late comer too, he was with her girlfriend, there we made up jokes regarding us not having to eat anything.

As the food was serve to other tables, we looked as our friends dig in and ate, (wow we looked, man it sounds like we look like we haven't ate for a year! LOL), to our surprise, the table were in wasn't paid! it was on the venue that only 11 out of 12 tables were to be rented, "Ahh so that's why the food isn't being served here." come to think of it, we were only 3 on that table, just when all hopes were lost.... (to be continued)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Step Three, The Rush

Hey everyone! Saw the snows here on my blog? Try moving your mouse around :)

So we went home after buying the props for our performance, as we took time to find the booth, we paid the price on being left out of the meeting spot, when I got home, I received a text message that goes like this..

Ced, Well go on ahead!
We're running late, we
must get going, wait
for mark, he's still not
here too.

I was like WHA? because I don't know how to get to the venue, and it's been only 20 minutes after our calltime, then I rushed on to the bathroom, after taking a bath, I barely fixed up myself, then, my shoes were used by brother in law, so I went to the party only wearing flip flops, and being the last person to be in there, we had no seats for us, yes everyone was reserved a seat, but it was per table, err..

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Step Two, The hunt..

Merry Xmas Everyone!

Me and my other classmate we're assigned to buy the props we'll be using for the school performance.

As the mall is fully loaded with last minute buyers, my friend decided to take another route into the mall

Lets go here, I know a shortcut..

When we got inside, the layout is far too different, because the last time we came there was from the main entrance, so I was puzzled where the booth is.

We walked and walked for minutes, It was really frustrating not finding the booth, as my friend's temper runs out.. I have to think of a way, to somehow remember..

Hey, I saw that sign! (The sign says "Pay Toilet")

Hey, she pointed that out! (It was an accessory booth, I remember Nash from Nash Goes Chenelyn pointing it out for me to see)

Then it hit me.. Its this way!!

So, not sure of what I said, I went in retracing the faint steps I barely remember, then, little did I know, I already passed it! thankfully, a hunch made me pause for a second, then, it came back to me that the booth I was standing right beside was the one were looking for!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Step one, The Cramming..

Whoa! Advance merry Christmas guys!

I recently posted about our successful performance on our school's Christmas party, I decided to look back on how we came to be before the actual performance.

It was three days before the party, we decided to practice, but only few came, so we decided to brainstorm instead of actually practicing.

The second day? the others went on home, (too much busy about our CWA's and CWE's)

The last day before the performance? well, actually, only few still came, but that few were the ones to perform the complicated part, so we pushed through and practiced, surprisingly, with just one practice, we got the steps dead on, we just had troubles with the blocking and timing, so we practiced some more, and minutes later, we got it.

Man, talk about cramming!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We manage to pull it off..

Whoa, we pulled it off..

As I last posted about the practice for our school presentation, we calculated that we only practiced for 6 hours, and our presentation was only 6 minutes, so what a coincidence.

At the party, we told our president (who is too our choreographer) that we want to be the last to perform, so we let on the other groups to perform first, their performance was really good too! but I was surprised when some of their part was taken from our old performance, I'm not saying that the moves are ours, but still haha. then when its our time to perform, we all gathered in a circle and made our warcry..

GLOG GLOL.............................. LAPOK!

Then we put on our CD to the player, when we were starting, the CD was skipping tunes, so it's hard to keep up, they told the crew to stop the player, when there was silence, what better way to break it by shouting! I shouted "WHOOOOO", thankfully the crowd and my groupmates went on along, they never knew it was me who started shouting.


We went back from the start, then, as we thought the player was doing good with our CD, it again, skipped beats, then again, "WHOOOOO",


Its still skipping beats, but we pushed through, and luckily, the player cooperated too! the beat skipping was gone after a few seconds.

The steps was on, the crowd was shouting! every move we made, every sketch we played, they cheered and shouted, there were dreams, there were romance, there were even some unexpected turn of events when someone from the audience came in and ended the show! It was really a lifesaver, he ended the show by touching the face of the main character of the sketch, like he was about to kiss him, haha (Yes its a him), we were all shocked then clapped our hands, it wasn't an interferrence, it was a gift, because we actually don't have any ending prepared, (given its been only for hours of practice).

At the end of the night, we brought the house down, stealing the spotlight, remaining to be unbeatable (in my eyes, haha), we did this for our caring and loving school president / friend / classmate, it was the only way we could return the favor.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What the? One day Practice? One day Performance?

Imagine performing infront of the stage, with hundreds of audiences, but with a piece that was rehearsed just hours ago?

Tomorrow will be our Christmas party, and our group decided to perform one last time for our dearest School President that'll be graduating, so this is his last time for us to perform with him, well, at least with his choreography that is.

This is very troublesome, but yet very exiting, Deej of Llama's Journal will be performing with us, sadly, he wasn't in our practice this afternoon, but I know he can keep up with just hours of preparation :)

This will be our last fight!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Getting Sleepy

I am writing this blog post while my other eye is closed.

Have you ever felt at one point in time that your too sleepy? but with a twist? your infront of your desktop / laptop? I really hate being on that state, specially when I still haven't done my blogging rounds.

I don't know why this happens, there was one time that it was so late that I slept on front of the desktop, when I woke up, my dad was waking me up and telling me to go now to my bed, (Because it's his time on the desktop too) :))

So. do you have any weird experience when on your desktop / laptop?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The $4 Movement!

I recently joined a program that lets your $4 grow!, It's really easy, do look at it here! please read it so you'll understand.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Uber slow connection

What the heck is happening to my internet connection? its so slow!

even just loading "Yahoo" takes 48 years, (not literally) I don't know why this came to be, but it is really affecting me as for a user whose using the internet in a daily basis :(

They really suck (the internet provider company) they suck hard.

Well, maybe this is a sign that I should start my "CWA" marathon this day, err, what I'll be doing in my CWA marathon?

1.Short Story (Minimum of 9 Pages)
2.Take home Exam : Accounting
3.Coursework Assignment : RDBMS
4.Coursework Assignment : e-Commerce

Man, err, plus I haven't clicked in my adgitize :( sad.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Haha, I got some schedules ahead today, it's really going to be cramming time, literally,

Let's see what i'll be doing..

1.Blogpost and Adgi at the morning (Because I haven't done it yesterday, 8:30 ~ 10 : 00)
2.Will go with Nash from Nash Goes Chenellyn to buy (*Secret*) for elvie from "Elvira's Runabout" (11:00 ~ ??:??)
3.Practice dancing or a stage act that'll be performed on our christmas party (??:?? ~ 4:30)
4.Go back home and prepare myself (for something ofcourse, it's on #5, 4:30 ~ 5:30, the time of transportation is included)
5.Meet up with old friends/classmates, we'll be going to a debut of our old classmate (6:00)

Now I don't know how I'm supposed to answer my CourseWork Assignments (CWA) that's due next week! WHAHAHAHA i'll need a supercalafragalisticexpialidoucious mega imbaness concentration!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thanks, :D

Cedrick's POV, to check out Nash's POV, go to Nash Goes Chenellyn

We recently went on a trip, :D and it was fun!

Yesterday, Me, Nash from Nash Goes Chenellyn, and Mark (An EX Blogger) *and oh yeah Deej from Llama's Journal sadly can't come because he still have classes that time* went on a search for the talked about "EON" card, so as to Nash's research, the most nearest and safest branch of the UnionBank is somewhere inside a mall, so off we go!.

Our jeep stopped us over the mall's street, I guess it can't go on because of the overflowing market goers crowding the streets, we were shocked by how many were in a Christmas rush to buy gifts and whatnot, Nash went on the search for some toys for Elvie of "Elvira's Runabouts", I think they made a deal of some sort, as Nash fills up her list with choices, Me and Mark helped ourselves with the entertainment the displayed toys gives, acting as we were 6 ~ 9 year olds.

As we walked and walked, making comments about what we see, what we wanted to buy, We decided to Talk to the mall's directory personnel (is that what they are called?) on where UnionBank was located, she was kind enough to direct us on where to go, so off we go again!.

We got to the bank and was greeted by the nice staff, I remember Nash saying she was shocked by the personnel, he was huge and had a dark complexion, she was going to say "It wasn't me!" hehe, we sat down and talked to the bank assistant on what's the ups and downs of the so-called "EON" card.

We decided to go back to our school, mark had to do some errands of his own so he went on, Me and Nash decided to grab a bite, after all we were so exhausted, she was so kind to treat me a cold beverage, (I owe her one), she even offered to pay the tab, but I refused, (I should be the one paying the tab! haha!).

We sat at the library and chatted, there, I learned some dark secrets about our school *ERRR, hahaha, (Top Secret, cannot be mentioned) when Deej was finished with his class and Mark was done with his errands, Nash decided to treat us with some Chillz.

We went on and sat at the OneStopBlog'z badge inspired MiniStop!, there we talked about blogging, some personals stuffs, making Mark come back to blogging, and some spoilers to the movie they'll be watching "The Frozen", there were electric shocks, wolves, and even Narnia in our discussion! hehe, it was a heck of a good time that we literally forgot what time it is, when we decided it was too dark out, we decided to part ways and bid our goodbyes.

That was a fun day for me, I don't know about them three :D (Thanks again to Nash, I owe you big time!)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Forum Use

I know now!

I was browsing through the Adgitize Forums when I came across a topic, "Have you met someone famous?" and as I don't have any posts yet, I went on to comment there.

Well, I commented a scenario wherein I'm not the main character, it was my dad, and he was the one who met someone famous.

Mr. Ken Brown might not approve of this if I blogged it about it here, I'll just give you a link :)


After that post, I rushed to my blogger account to find that I got something to blog about, sadly, Mr. Ken Brown said that posting your own forum post on your blogpost is illegal, its because your scoring points for the same thing, so the moral lesson here is..

If you've got nothing to blog about, go to the forums :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Man, I got nothing to blog about.. AGAIN :D

Haha.. Times up for me

Its times up when I hear something going in the driveway, that means my dad's home.

Why is it time for me? because we had an agreement, the computer's mine for the whole day, and when he goes home, the computer's all his.

So whenever I hear that motor of his, I rush over to finish everything I'm still doing (blogging, projects, etc)

:) It's a great deal, no one even complaints :) except when it's time to pay the electric bill :D

Monday, December 13, 2010

NewFound Trust, KlickBuck PTC PAYING!

Have you answered this week's MJ's : The Code?

Whoa! IT PAYS!

I was shocked when I went reading on sources that this PTC site pays, I know some PTC's go down in smoke, but as we PTC goers, we want the last of the pieces before they all burn to ashes, so the web has spoken.. KLICKBUCK PTC IS PAYING! (for now)

I was exited about this PTC site because it has a high click value of $0.04 per click, that's a 1 day click to your average PTC! plus, you can click on about 20 ads in 24 hours! meaning you can literally earn $1 per day!

NOTE : Alertpay is the only Payment Processor accepted

Don't wait for this hot new PTC to go to ashes before you sign up, :) sign up now!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

MJ'S : the code..

I won't be revealing last MJ'S BrainTwister answer, :) hehe.

I just watched "Code Breakers" this afternoon, I was fascinated on how coding went through a long way, coding wherein you mask a readable words into a more complex unreadable code.

Coding caused..
A queen to be beheaded..
world war 1 to start..
A killer on a rampage..

As to this show, I was inspired to release this week's MJ'S, here goes..

No more backwards text for you guys!

A Computer Secretary got tired of his boss's attitude, so she decided to leave the company without notifying anyone..
She left the computer on lock, and encrypted an alphanumeric password to prevent anyone to access the important files of the company which was saved in the computer..

The Secretary put something on the Clue..

"You force heaven to be empty"

What was the password?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

New PTC site!

This is more than your average PTC..

This is a new PTC called Klickbuck, it is a very unique PTC rather than the other PTC's, what's the click value?? $0.04! whoa! so 1 link is equivalent to 1 day of clicking on your average PTC site.

Minimum payout is $5, and you can click on 24 ads per day, you literally can earn $1 per day, but the ads are like mushrooms, they only sprout out randomly, but I assure you, it's worthit to wait for that :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Forgot to post

I sadly forgot to post last night.

We know what this means to my adgitize account, a pretty stupid thing I did, I forgot the post, but I finished clicking and posting on the forums, which makes it very frustrating.

I wished I had a device or an application of some sort on my computer which can serve as my "To do List", I wish it would remind me that I forgot to do the things that's scheduled to be done, specially when I'm going to shut the computer down, it would popup and say..

"Wait, you forgot to do , are you sure you want to shut down?"

Hehe, I wish someone could've thought of doing an application or a device like this.

But then again, there's such a thing that we call "Sticky Notes" the one that you stick in your monitor XD

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Taking Baby Steps

We all start from scratch..

Some of us started off with a silverspoon, I saw this blog that has its own domain, and as I read the owner's blog post, it was bought to her as a gift, not knowing where to start on blogging.

And some are the "Crash and Burn" types, they go on to register on what is stated on my..


thinking that they'll be filthy rich in just hours, and as the days goes by, as its a pebbled road for the beginners, many are withered out, those who are persistent make it to the road less pebbled (whoa that's new).

After a month, their roads are beginning to take a more smooth path, as they are accustomed to the blogosphere and the other things in my Newbie Guide.

I blabbered all of this on my blog post to look back on where I came from and what I am now, I might not be a badass money making blogger, but I'm proud to say that I made progress.

I'll post my history of blogging for this week, and I'm thinking of abandoning my MJ'S, its no fun if no one answers.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Payment from Adgitize

I think this is my second payout on Adgitize :)

I blurred out my email, I don't know why to be honest, others blur out their email on invoice like this from paypal, must be because of privacy issues.

If you know why, please do comment :) and want to be an Adgitizer? here ya go! :)

Adgitize your web site.

Monday, December 6, 2010

What came over me?

What the..

When I came to school this morning, I thought of something that was hard to believe came across my mind

"Maybe I should study.."

Well, Im not saying that I don't study, Im the one who "Reviews before the exam" literally, I only review before an exam :) haha.

There is this class in our school, it is about managing database, it was a breeze at first, but since I came late on the second chapter lecture, it went all in smoke.

Just goes to show that every meeting counts.

So now I am studying again the lectures that was thought by our lecturer.

Until now I don't know what pushed me into doing this, maybe it was the speech that my teacher gave me.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

MJ'S (Mind Jog Sundays) : The Ant and the Glass (Repost)

Have you been Chosen? read it here!

I will repost this question again, since no one tried to answer last week :D, but now without the twisty inverted thingy :D

There was an ant, and a glass cup.
The ant went in the glass,
after 1 minutes, 2 ants went in,
every minute, ants goes in the glass but doubles the previous count of ants,
making it 1,2,4, and so on and so forth.

The Glass became full at 12:00

Q : What time did the glass became half full?

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Welcome, as you are here today, you might've received the invitation.. welcome, you are.. THE CHOSEN ONE!!

(Image of "The Matrix" shoud be here, but I want a special picture hehe)

Hehe, its the time of the month again to Adgitize around blogs and request for an "Exchange links", I would really appreciate it if they accept.

If you are the one who received the invitation, I humbly request for your confirmation to exchange links.

Please comment here for your decision, I will do the initiative to add you first, and hoping you will do the same too :)

Friday, December 3, 2010


Whoa, I had a fun, hectful week.

I will blog about..

1.Organization Week, Day 1
2.Organization Week, Day 2
3.Christmas Party, Upcoming

Today, I just want to greet a happy happy happy birthday to our very own SuperDeej of Llama's Journal and DeejSpeaks Congrats to his win on the School Debate! (will be blogged about on Day 2) Yehey! A win win for SuperDeej!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Anime Takeover

Notice something on your friend's profile picture?

I recently blogged about the Anime Madness, I never expected that it'll grow like this.

Look around your friend's profile pictures, as you can see, some changed their profile picture to Animes and Cartoons, and they're growing! to know why, read my previous post Anime Madness.

This is a great example of how man can help each other even in the littlest of things,

Join the movement! the goal is to transform facebook's users to an all anime/cartoon pictured profiles as explained in Anime Madness by monday, its for a good cause, plus, you've got nothing to lose :).

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Anime Madness :D

Replace your profile picture! ASAP!

A Schoolmate of mine posted this on our facebook group.

RE-POST:Changeyour facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same. Until monday there should be no human faces on facebook, but an invasion of memories. This is for violence against children

So as I too wanted to change my profile picture, I did, and here's what I chose.

Come to think of it, it was for a good cause, besides, you know you want to change your profile picture too! let the kid inside you out! :) it's for a good cause! :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Aww, Sad

I thought it was a great one..

I recently made up a meme called "MJ'S", Mind Jog Sundays, I thought at first that it was a good meme, considering a great amount of comments I received, as I was so exited to do this week's MJ's, I was surprised, I did not get any comments, no one bothered to answer :(

See my post here, My entry to this week's MJ'S

Now im having second thoughts about this meme

Monday, November 29, 2010

Flash Madness!

Before I start, have you participated in this weeks MJ'S?(Mind Jog Sundays)

Whoa, what a stressful day!

As we have our class named "Multimedia Technology" on our school, we were introduced to Adobe's CS(Custom Suite)3, we were introduced to Photoshop, DreamWeaver, and Flash.

Adobe Flash is really fun, because you can relive your childish days where you doodle at the side of your notebook page by page, then turn it fast which makes your doodle "Move-Like", In Flash, you can do that all over again! and being professional at the same time! :).

I'll upload my creations after the submission of these projects :).

And don't forget to participate in this week's MJ'S?(Mind Jog Sundays)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

MJ'S (Mind Jog Sundays) : The Ant and the Glass

Ok, this is my entry to my meme today, I'm sorry that I posted it late.

The answer last week was,

"Elsa is the NAME of anna's mother"

Congrats to those who answered it right, your now 1 logic smarter haha :D.

Today's entry is a tricky one, can you figure it out? I'll invert the text by sentence, not by paragraph :D, lets work those eyes and neck, not just the mind :).

There was an ant, and a glass cup.
ssɐlƃ ǝɥʇ uı ʇuǝʍ ʇuɐ ǝɥʇ
after 1 minutes, 2 ants went in,
˙uı ʇuǝʍ sʇuɐ 8 uǝɥʇ ǝʇnuıɯ ɹǝɥʇouɐ 'uı ʇuǝʍ sʇuɐ 4 'ǝʇnuıɯ ɐ ɹǝʇɟɐ 'uıɐƃɐ
and so on and so forth.
The glass became full after 12:00

¿llnɟ ɟlɐɥ ǝɯɐɔǝq dnɔ ǝɥʇ pıp uǝɥʍ

Sorry for the inverted text, its my last line of defense to make this post a challenging one

Can you answer this one? :) and please comment what I should do so that others can join this meme too. specially on the linky stuff :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Trusty Steed

I have an unusual spot here when Im using my desktop, my dad decided that the computer should be on their bed because of my delinquent nephew, he corrupted the OS of this desktop once, my dad wont let that happen again.

So as hard as the positioning of the desktop may be, we improvised on to see the computer at eye level, because the computer's positioning is too much inclined that you'll have to look up to see it, resulting in a stiff neck :D.

We can't put on a chair here on their bed, so we sat on a different thing.

My Trusty Steed

It might seem like fun and games when sitting on that thing but it can literally numb your buttocks on hours of sitting :D.

I would've took pictures of my workspace, but its too messed up that it isn't presentable to the human eye :D

Advertising my Blog

Friday, November 26, 2010

Nice LimeWire

LimeWire is Back!

I know I blogged about this the last time, but now, LimeWire Pirate Edition is now even more stronger! they even included their new loading screen! and it rocks.

LimeWire Pirate Edition

Now it doesn't depend on any servers, making it what it shoud've been in the first place, a pure P2P freeware.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Free mp3's at eBay using Sting Operation!

I recently stumbled upon a "knowledge" that you can get a free mp3 on eBay, but things that are free can be risky, specially if you're referring to the secured online dealing site eBay, and how could this be? well..

Mp3's on eBay are majoritized by hacked ones, those hacked mp3's are those mp3's with a mistaken identity, they say they're 32gig but really they're just 2gig, and what we will do is get the free 2gig, and get back what we paid for for the 32gig.

Sound's Crazy? yes, but it will work.

Find a surefire fraud seller of this kind of mp3's, then win the auction or buy it now, then, after buying, as you may know it is a defect, you can tell paypal what happened and they'll freeze the account of the fraud dealer and they'll give your money back too, and with the free mp3 to boot.

Seems easy? if you all know the DETAILED operation of this FREE GIG on eBay, and I have the link to tell all about it, give me a buzz and i'll share the loot *wink *wink

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Going Down..

As you may know, that I am an avid PTC goer, I only do BUX sites, that means I only go to PTC sites that has the standard.

Standard for me is..

-4 ads per day
-does not change, but sometimes gives ("Mini Exposure ads")
-$0.01 per click

You can see my PTC sites on my navigation bar under "PTC sites", but I too have some BUXmini, which has the standard "4 ads per day" but doesn't have the $0.01 per click, so its really hard for me to balance it out without any investments.

Recently, a legit PTC site went down, I am talking about Cashium, a great BUXmini site, sadly they went down because of a frozen Paypal account, so sadly, they had auction their site for other to manage, some news said a new owner would be handling the site, but whoever they would be, I hope for the best for the previous owner.

Goodbye and Hello Cashium..

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Success for the MJ'S

Thanks for those who all participated on MJ'S (Mind Jog Sundays), I hope to do much more about this meme, I would like to know the twist and turns, the mechanics, and how a meme ticks, I would need all the information you can give me about memes.

-How it works.
-What is needed.
-And More.

Please note to me what we can do to MJ'S to make it a great meme for everyone to participate in :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

New SideBanner for BlankPixel's Givaway!

Ok, before I start this blogpost, have you figured out my MJ'S answer? I will post the answer on my next MJ'S, see if your answer is right! :D.

I recently joined BlankPixel's "Be my viral poster" event, it's really easy and doable, so I went on and entered the contest.

I forgot to put it on my sidebar, and to think, this was my first contest to join in with on the whole blogger universe! wish us luck to all who've joined! :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Meme on the making : "Mind Jog Sundays"

Haha, You might think the name of this meme is not catchy, but look at it in a different angle, MJ'S haha :D

As the title says, lets go jog that mind of yours by doing a braintwister, answer honestly ok? no gooooogling or yahooooing (wew, fail in the yahoooing part).

Here it goes.. Lets start by some smacks, not the entire takedown, let's save that for the other days :)

˙ɹǝɥʇoɯ s,ɐuuɐ ɟo ‾ ǝɥʇ sı ɐslǝ
'ɐslǝ ɟo ɹǝʇɥƃnɐp ǝɥʇ sı ɐuuɐ
'ɐuuɐ ɟo ɹǝɥʇoɯ ǝɥʇ sı ɐslǝ

Goodluck, tell me your comment about this meme,

Got your weekly MJ'S? :D haha, great slogan eh?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

About Memes

Me and nashmicaell had been talking about "Meme" of bloggers, I don't know myself much of what is a meme.

My understanding of meme is that it's like a guideline for what to be posted on that day, like the famous "Wordless Wednesday", wherein the title says it all, you only have to post pictures.

We asked what was the meaning of "Meme", and is it an abbreviation? we look forward to your informative replies.

Before I end my post, I would like to wish SuperDeej a good luck to his job interview on a call center company! :D yey!

Friday, November 19, 2010


I've been noticing something lately..

Sadly, no one is commenting on my posts :( I remember the days when no one was reading my posts :(.

Hmm. why is it that they are not commenting anymore? :(

Well, we have to keep on moving, happy blogging :D

PS. SANTOSARIS! you didn't leave any contact XD even your facebook account XD

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Driver Death Match

Man, A surprising trip from an unusual jeep :D..

It was late at night, we just finished another pub game, when I got to the jeep, these mob of strangers went in, and they were scary looking ones, like those who ought to steal your bag, so I hold onto mine, and they were joking as if their own was one (a snatcher), so that get me thinking, if I should make the jeep pull over or continue with these guys.

Luckily, they weren't which as they seem, they were just humble "Prom-d" folks visiting a relative/comrade that just passed away, and when they pull over I was relieved, like a fishbone was just removed from my throat (I heard all of these facts by evesdropping :D).

I thought the heart raising scene was done, it was just yet to come!

Because of the distraction caused by the Prom-d's I didn't noticed that the driver was having a beef with another driver, they were overtaking each others' jeep like hell, whenever they see an opening, they never let it slip by, even if it means risking their jeepney (or better yet, their lives), as our jeep went on side to side with the driver's opponent, some trash talks were given, and off to the race they go.

As we came across a road under construction, the 2 jeeps were stopped by traffic, and then I was shocked, the enemy driver got down the jeep and brought an ice pick with him, and to my surprise, the jeepney driver I was with just pulled out a long iron rod, I went WTF and got out the jeep, as I look back, I can see an epic battle from within the jeepney.

I got home and slept, like nothing happened :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thats the way T.V. Should be..

I've been writing so much filler post that I forgot writing things like this..

Today when I got home, I decided to watch some TV. I opened it up instead of the computer because I heard my sis watching glee, so after the episode, I was too lazy to go and open the computer that I decided to watch some more,

I don't know much lineups of shows so I went on dashing throughout the channels I know, then, I stopped at "Nat-Geo" (national geographic), It was about north korea, an eye doctor was to come to this country, I was surprise to hear a country WITHOUT MOBILE PHONES and INTERNET! they were so strict because of the past war against the world that they literally cut off themselves from the world, sadly, they even cut out themselves from one of their own..

Dividing a country which was once united..

Even if it means drastic consequences for the people on their own country.

When the show was done, I tuned in to MTV to find another goodies to watch.

This time it was about a High School, and a team will go there to do a "Challenge day", as we all know, every high school has their own unique pupils with their own walks of life, and the team's objective is to break the boundaries between these "clicks", all kinds of teens was there, the nerds, the jocks, the popular, the strange, you name it and they're there!. and some very touching events lead to boundaries being brought down. I can't tell all the details, I know you hate a long post, so watch the show/movie/whatever it was..

As I watch this two really contrast show, I realized how man copes with different situations, whether it was a damage done in the past, or the damage that's being dealt at hand, we always find the way that leads to a better life.

This two shows can really emphasize the saying..

No man is an island

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Making sure!

Just making sure if I counted on Adgitize's Article points.

Sad that my new blog, textmates, aren't reaching the potential target it is intended to.

And yeah thanks for Ms. BlankPixel on giving me the opportunity to join her "Be my VIRAL poster" contest :) really appreciated it.

And oh I keep forgetting to join AvatarLady's Contest, I don't know why I keep forgetting that one.

And thats about it, now that I think about it, I still haven't posted anything that I scheduled on to be written XD

Monday, November 15, 2010

DragonFable Trainer

DragonFable is one of a browser based RPG game on the net, it is actually fun, but considering its facts, its just a past time, I played this game when I was on grade school, and as it is run by "Flash", I was curious on how hackers do their stuff.

I went across the web searching for hacks, I came across what they say the WPE PRO, it loads the game's code when ordered, but sadly, WPE PRO doesn't work like it needs to on my computer, so I went on again.

Then I read about something called "Trainer", to my surprise, its a hacking tool for the game, and with an interface to boot!, I was wondering what coding was used to do this kinda stuff.

Trainers have all the buttons and hacks you'll need for the game to be "GODLIKE", then when I searched for this so-called Trainers, I went berserk only to find you have to do favors for some users who probably found it and doesn't want to share the link that easy.

Thankfully, a kind hearted hacker was generous enough to share his own work with the world, it might not have all the functions but I assure you it's enough to satisfy your hacking needs for DragonFable.

Here it is, the "DragonFable Hacker XStream"

Rejoice! LimeWire Lives!

As I blogged about the death of LimeWire, I go on researching for the updates on its court order, and some updates im wishing to have, and my gosh it was granted!

LimeWire lives!

LimeWire is under a court order on October 26, 2010 (Correct the date if im wrong), just as we thought LimeWire was gone for good, some LimeWire Fanatics took the abandoned LimeWire, took some floor shine and made it a new! now LimeWire is better than ever! they took out the "LimeWire Pro" and made it a pure P2P, they took it out and left the stinky unnecessary things behind (advertisements, spyware, malware), so its better than ever, and as for the creators, they named the new and improved limewire..

LimeWire Pirate Edition

And I read about one of the comments of the creators of LimeWire Pirate Edition, he was asked if he was worried that music companies will go after him, and he only said..

"Good Luck to them, I got 7 Proxies behind my back"

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Be My VIRAL Poster! *BlankPixel's Christmas Contest.

Another great contest from BlankPixel, I decided to join this one because the mechanics is really easy! so easy anyone can do it, and a BlackBerry Curve givaway to boot! whoa, what can you ask for?.

Here's Ms. BlankPixel's Sulit Entry!.

I'm supporting blankPixels' entry to Sulit's Christmas card-making contest. Click here for more details.

(Preview only. Click here for the full animated Christmas card.)
Celebrate Christmas 2010 with, the leading online classified ads and buy and sell website in the Philippines.

I'm supporting blankPixels' entry to Sulit's Christmas card-making contest. Click here for more details.

(Static version. Click here for the full animated Christmas card.)
Celebrate Christmas 2010 with, the leading online classified ads and buy and sell website in the Philippines.

The new blog, again XD

I recently created a blog named iCed, but until now, nothing's come to mind on what to use it for, and now Im at it again, inspired by SuperDeej's other blog, here comes.. TextMates.

TextMates was created in order for texters to gain textmates, and by now, only just one posted his/her number, so its not what I desired, but a growth is a growth, no matter how small they are.

Please support this blog by telling on those who you know that are addicted to texting :D it will be appreciated much :D

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Aww I forgot to post last night, so I will post a filler again here, just for the Adgitize Points.

Later I will blog about a new created blog, I hope I can manage to target the desired market of that blog :) and I am open to suggestions, haha, what am I saying? I have not yet posted the link? :P

Happy Bloggings!

Friday, November 12, 2010

I must be fair.

I must be fair to both sides of the party.

I recently joined this new, claiming Payment Processor "", I became so much infused with it, gaining money without doing something, well, likely, and made a banner, tried to make it my goal, at first I knew it was a scam, but as I go through it everyday, I told myself its not a bad thing to believe to offers like this once in a while, well, until I found out..

I don't want to taint my reputation on passing out scam sites so I am giving you guys the option to believe "", and yet give the option..

Thanks for "AvatarLady" for the link, and yes I want to xchange links :D, and I did my own research too after reading this link, and I went over to my favorite source for this kinda stuff, and this is what I found..

We thought christmas came in early, I just found out grinch came into town. :(

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Im Sorry

First of all, I'd like to thank you guys for voting for my cards

Im sorry guys if I was too lazy these past few days on creating a blogpost, I'll use another scheduler, here's what to be expected blogpost in the near future.

1.Brawl snatching night
2.Falling asleep, while in front of the computer?

Well, I may butt in some other blogpost that are unlisted, but you'll expect that three to be on my blogpost in the near future. :D

Happy Bloggings.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shift of Time

Have you voted for my cards? please vote here!

I think the posting time of a blogpost is an important thing, I just don't know where and why :D haha, I think its a gut feel or something, because I first thought you would be in the "Preferred Publisher" when you post a new blogpost, but I was wrong. haha, but still I think of times when to post.

Again, a none sensing blogpost from me :X, im really sorry guys, the twist and turns of our schedule at school is greatly affected my blogging life.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Paybox Update, Please VOTE!

As I've told you guys about "PayBox". A new contest occurs, its a "Card Making Contest", all you have to do is to be creative in a design on what a PayBox card should look like, here's the links.

Click on a picture to vote for them

Why craze over this? aww not too much reason, its just a $1000 giveaway for the winning card.

Here's the thing, you can vote as many times as possible, but not on the same cards, and when a card is chosen, all of those who voted for that card will be given a $100, so its a win and more awesome win situation!.

The thing is, the initial starting account was lessen to a half, instead of having a #50, its now #25, but not to worry, the referral part was doubled! its now $10 per referral, so what are you waiting for? join us now on our PayBox growing community and start growing money!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Man, its almost midnight.

Im already blanked, and giving that my nephew made a commotion that made my mom woke up cranky, thankfully she went back to sleep.

Sadly this maybe another filler post from me. :(, im too cranky to think straight, and Im trying to beat the cut off time.

Gomen guys, happy blogging.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Google's "Im Feeling Lucky" Button

Have you got your free and growing money? yet?

Google, the best search engine there is on the world, on it, we can see its search bar, the search button, and wait.. what is that?.. is that a "Im Feeling Lucky" Button?.

This button really is a nifty past time, when you put in a word, it would search a random site for that keyword, but with the right keyword, it would take you to a page unknown, hehe, try this.

lol limewire
google heart page

I only know these 2, but there are alot on the net, just search them up.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Breaking News... FREE $50!!!

Did you had fun using the Konami Code?? :D

I know I was about to blog about the "Google Im feeling lucky" button, but this has got to come out.

I don't know how to say this, without shocking you, umm, a payment processor is.. GIVING AWAY $50 AS INITIAL ACCOUNT!!.

This is a mind boggling story told to me by a friend of mine, she was kind enough to share her blessings :D.

The payment processor's name is PayBox, PayBox is a new payment processor on its beta stage, they don't transact externally yet, but you can transact internally like "Send Money" Etc.

This is a unique site, I don't have any sources about this, well.. Yet, I would like to make this opportunity to make you! like me.. an "Early Bird" User.

Early Bird User would get a whopping $50 as an initial account balance just for signing up! and giving you a $20 per day for being "Active" about the site, talk about an offer, and when you refer someone to the PayBox community, you would get a $5 directly in your account!.

Now you might be overwhelmed, catching your breath while reading the features of the "PayBox" Early Bird Promotion, but the reason to all of this is simple, to beat the targeted competitors, (PayPal, AlertPay, Etc.) to know more, just go to nashmicaell's blog

The wait is over, you have read all the way here on this blogpost, and you might be thinking on this point that this must be unreal, too good to be true, and if it is, you've got nothing to lose, right? so just sign up and watch the money flow. And now, to thank nashmicaell for sharing this with me. I would like to give an option to you guys on who you want to be under as referrals, either her or I, I won't hold anything against you for any of your decisions, I just think that she deserves this, and from the start, she's the one who found it, so here's the link to me and her, enjoy!

**************************UPDATE : Nov.9,2010**************************

Please vote for my created card, get more by registering "HERE!!", the money is still pouring, the opportunities are coming.. Join us!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Konami Codes

Got the lol limewire anthem stuck on your noggin? :D

Konami codes were used by the company "Konami" to put out a hidden capability in the game for the creators to fully finish the game without the hassle of facing the hardships of the game.

A great example would be Konami's famous game "Contra", a shooting game that is basically hard to finish, with the use of the Konami code, finishing the game would be a breeze.

Not only games are using the Konami Codes, There are lots and lots of them, one of the is "Facebook", sadly, they removed the Konami code, Boo!, but for those who were able to see the Konami Code on Facebook, they said that the screen would flare after putting in the Konami Code.

For the full list of sites that was injected :D, by the Konami Code, go to

At the beginning of the site, you will only see a code, that is because you need to enter the Konami code before you can enter :).

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Getting on my nerves

Before reading this blog post, I suggest you do lol limewire first, because emotions are gonna spark on this blog post.

I mostly don't do this but..

I just want to say to all non english/filipino out there, please.. just please.. GO GET A TRANSLATOR AND TRANSLATE YOUR TEXT TO ENGLISH!.

Im sorry, but a failure on communication may leat to many complications, so if you are so kind to translate your posts into english/filipino before posting on my chatbox, it would be appreciated.

I just can't stand it enough, I clearly stated on the top of my chatbox that "PLEASE USE ENGLISH/FILIPINO LANGUAGES ONLY", what's so hard about that? man, I don't know what gotten into me onto writing this, and to others please don't take this offensively, I'm just spreading out my opinion.

I don't want to use "Drastic Measures", I'm really sorry about this post. I will post about the "Konami Code" tomorrow. :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"lol limewire" on Google

As our previous post was about sorrow and grief on the loss of our good friend Limewire, I went on facebook to look up if there's still hope or not.

Frankly, there isn't, I think, they're being sued. So when I entered the keyword Limewire, I stumbled on some groups about limewire.

There were posers group saying they are the Limewire Official page.. only to find the page full of their advertisements and affiliate programs (programs of the creator, not Limewire)

There were who honored Limewire's loss by creating a page for it..

And there was the unusual one..

The real name was kinda long, so i'll call it..

lol limewire.

It was a fanpage about those who were lol limewire'd, and I too was lol limewire'd, and here's how..

1.Go to
2.Type in "lol limewire" on the search box
3.Press the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button
4.Let the magic start

I know your curiousity has been aroused :D haha, don't worry, this is not a "scary-we-gonna-shock-u-by-ghost-pictures-with-sound-effects-popup" (man that's a mouthful) thingy, this is just a simple Flash created by a Limewire fan :)

Before ending this blogpost, here's a sneak peek (or a sound peek to be precise).

Do what you want cuz a pirate is free, you are a pirate!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Farewell.. You served us well..

You might be wondering who I am talking about, if you saw my last post here, you should know what i'm talking about, yes, the first one on the list, "Limewire".

Limewire is really a handy freeware for all, it enables you to download music files, video files, and manages your torrent and magnet files, Limewire is famous throughout all countries, but this last week, a devastating news arrived.

As we all love things that are free, not all free stuff are legal, like Limewire's sharing files, apparently, is illegal, because of copyright reasons, so now, limewire has shutted down their server and stopped all file sharing, so, RIP Limewire 2000-2010.

Bad news for us music lovers that downloads their music on Limewire, thankfully, Frostwire is still here, and Cabos are both limewire like, but limewire is still different.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Forgot to post

Darn I forgot to post, I don't want to post good stuff at this time because it'll be stacked already later by my new post, so i'll take this time to list down future posts that you guys are going to see here.

Future post will be about..
1.Limewire Limewire
3.the famous "Konami Code"
4.Google's "Im feeling lucky" Button

I hope you guys are looking forward to some of those posts :) happy bloggings everyone!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Asking you out!

Its not what you think, the date stuff and all, this is different.

Since a new month is coming, I decided to do something before and after the start of the month, I'll do my rounds on adgitize asking out all blogs that I will come across!

No not on a date, I'll ask them out to exchange links! I wonder why bloggers like to be asked of their permission to exchange links rather than the opposite, I admit I am one like this, so I will push all the boundaries and ask all blogs that I will lay my footprints on.

So adgitizers, Ready your blogroll a space for my badge/link :) haha.

Oh yeah the cat illusion thingy was a real hit to bloggers, so I will try to make saturdays an illusionary blogpost day :), don't know what im talking about? Check this out!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yahoo's Optical Illusion : Cats

I love this optical illusion!

I didn't resized the image, the illusion would be hard to do if I did

This is a great optical illusion, I literally went nuts when I figured this out! haha, this is a 3D figure of a cat, the illusion is, you can make it turn at will! its no joke! there's no button to be pressed, no waiting time, you just have to know the right trick into making it turn at will.

It is rotating clockwise, and when you know the trick, it will do vice versa of what you first saw it is rotating in, I'll post the answer tomorrow, or try practicing it and comment in your answer :).

-Credits for the picture goes to Yahoo!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Will Post....

Whoa, I slept too late last night..

I just finished my schoolwork this morning, thankfully the due date was later on 1:00 pm, so I had more time to finish it, then when I was about to submit it using Yahoo Mail, I saw an optical illusion on Yahoo.

It was a cat spinning, and the illusion is, you can make the cat spin clockwise or counterclockwise just by using your mind, I figured out how to do it, and I will blog about that later, well, look at that, a post to look forward to :D haha.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Boooo! Awww! Hooray!

Boo! I was really pissed when I got home, it was so messy (as it always is), I haven't told about my sister, but to keep it short, she has her own family, and her husband cannot completely suffice their living, so they live here, then as I looked around, I saw our "Games of the General" board lying on a side, opened, clearly my meddling nephew opened it, so I quickly grabbed it and went to my mom's bed, I went to count it only to find a piece missing, so I was so pissed, when I came back to ask my sister about it, I saw the system unit's motherboard manual on my bed, I saw its cover, when I saw it, the contents were torn apart, man, that is what pissed me too, because our PC Troubleshooting prof said that a manual of a motherboard is one important tool, so I was so pissed, I know I had to blog about it, (you may call me shallow, but there's a great amount of these, I'm not just relying on what happened at hand)

I went and sat at my computer, when I was browsing through my Library, I saw a song I've never heard, I just downloaded it from youtube, it was a song of Owl City, it was a cover though so it's not an original, but still, adam's voice gave the song a pleasant, calming atmosphere, so I was hotheaded no more..


Hooray for my blog! this is my 101th post! so I am pretty much blogging for a long time I might presume, :) yay to me! donations are accepted, hehe, joke.

Happy bloggings to everyone!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Joined new PTC site

I was browsing through some of the PTC sites, on what are their status is now, are they paying, are they turning into scam? thankfully all three that are on my PTC sites are still on the right track, oh, did I say three? make it four!

As I was checking those sites, I came across an old one, but this one is at a low rate click, so that makes them a stable PTC, they are categorized as a MINI PTC, here's the banner.

myBux | profitable & safe ad center

I don't know if you guys came across this one already, but this is the first time I stumbled upon it, feel free to register :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Too stressed, Too blanked

Ahh, this is going to be a long week.

We still have our schooling this week, even if it's "Semestrial Break", I'm a trimester student so our sembreak is scheduled differently than of a highschool/elementary student.

Its really late at night, drowsy, still needing to make a webpage for our subject, and my mind is really tired, and for some unspoken reasons, I'm also emotionally tired.

As I come to this part of my post, my hands keeps on writing and writing, but as you can see, nothing seems to make sense from this point, its because I am really really REALLY tired, so forgive me for an unmeaningful post from me.

Gomen everyone, goodnight!

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Rain on a Cold Night


It was a strange night..

I woke up about 7 in the eve, then I stared at my ceiling, then went downstairs to take a bath, when I went to check the bathroom, the soap's already drained, so I went to buy one.

After buying the soap, I looked at the street while rain pours in it, then I started walking..

I don't know how, I don't know why, but I walked..

I can feel the rain pouring, it's like a cooling sensation to my skin, damping my whole body, my clothes were wet, then, I realized I was at the end of our street, our Kanto

I don't know how, I don't know why, but I still walked..

I went pass my friend's computer shop, then went to the road, passed the canteen, then on to the winding road, the rain was calming down, which I least expected, but still I went on.

I don't know how, I don't know why, but I'm still walking..

I got to the long road leading to our church, (don't be literal), I went on the front gate of the church, then, I looked in and I can see from the gates the warm looking inside of the church, without warning, my feet went walking.

I don't know how, I don't know why, but I decided to go home..

On my way back, these two girls asked me a question I wont forget, I was walking in the rain, I supposed they were too because on how they looked, then when I was passing by them, one of them said.

Kuya, Malamig?
(is it cold mister?)

I didn't looked back, I wanted to and tell them "If i ever encountered a warm rain, I'll let you know" (then smile), but my feet wont stop walking,

I don't know how, I don't know why, but It won't stop..

As I reach my home, I went straight to the bathroom, thinking of what I just did, then It hit me, maybe I did that..

I don't know how, I don't know why, but maybe it's because I have nothing to blog about :D

Strange eve everyone!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Adgitize Forum Points

I got it now! the points system!

Once a day of blogging, I ran to a problem about the Adgitize forum points, it says that if you have a total of 200 words a day, you would score a 100 point in your points system, as for me, I always met the 200 word per day, but Adgitize had other plans.

I only got 75 for those days! but I met the 200 word? what's wrong with that?.

Then I went on the forums to fish out some answers and I've concluded (thanks to the two angels, you know who you are) that its because Adgitize forum points works on ranges!

To explain things more further, lets put it this was
1~24 words - 0 pts
25~50 words - 10 pts
51~99 words - 25 pts
100~150 words - 75 pts
200~ words - 100 pts

The void between 150 and 200 I can't really define, try it, but this is the thing behind the scoring system, when you reach the word corresponding to the range, the range your in would also be the points you would accumulate.

And another tip I got is to look at the bottom of the forum, not the "Too-much-bottom" bottom, just top of the forum statistics, there, you'll find how much points you've accumulated that day. :)

Happy bloggings everyone!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Blog of the Month!

As you can see, there are 2 new badge on my sidebars, try clicking them :)

I made this too knowing other potential viewers will be visiting OneStopBlogz, so I too want exposures on the two blogs, but don't have the money for it, So I decided on putting up all of them here, so others can still view them and (fingers crossed) have the chance of being visited.

And if you've noticed, I did some cleaning on my sidebar, it looks more neat now, and I predict the blog would load faster than before, even if it just took some seconds deduction from loading, that is a good thing for me :).

So, if you can find it in your heart that everytime you visit my blog, I sure do hope you click on too that 2 badges over there, I would've appreciate it much :).

Friday, October 22, 2010

SportsFest! Day 3

This is it, the last day of our sportsfest!

As my daily routine, wake up, get dressed, and i'm off!

We arrived at the venue and watched 2 games, it was basketball and dance competition, the basketball game was between us and sta. mesa, and we won, but sta. mesa won the overall championship, the dance competition was won by our branch too, and we all ended the dance competition with a bang, with everyone going to the dance floor, it was a showdown!

And the best was, someone from our branch went in the middle, did a headstand, and the worm, picture this, he's 2x bigger than me :D. my friend quoted it as "The most elevtrifying move ever!".

One of my friend decided to take a picture of some of our friends with their crush, man after the picture, they were tingling from the bones :).

After the dance competition, we watched the volleyball game, it was profs vs students, and whoa the profs was on fire on the volleyball.

Next was the basketball game, but this time, its another "profs vs student", and it was a great fight, we didn't know our profs had that in them :) they were good too!

And the awarding ceremony was held by storm, no literally, the storm decided to watch our awarding ceremony too :), and that concludes our 3 day sports event.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

SportsFest! Day 2

This was the second day of the sportsfest! I woke up early for a friend of mine's game, I fixed up myself, brought my badminton rackets, and went off without anything to eat again :D, i'm getting used to it.

Then, when I got there, it was already started, but strangely, it was a basketball game, I went to see a volleyball game, which got me confused, then I talked to my friend, and she told me that she heard the schedule wrong, so I sat there waited for my other friends to come.

My classmate and I went outside, we sat there and chat, then, a siomai vendor went to a stop in front of us, which we didn't let the moment pass, it was siomai for everybody! I ate 3 pieces, and ate another one courtesy of my friend :).

After that, My friend and I played badminton, but it wasn't for long, because the staff of the venue sited us and said that the part we played in was prohibited, we went on inside the venue and played near the court.

The basketball game ended, the volleyball game has started.

After I got tired, I sat down, then another friend of mine came, so its another game of badminton, so we went on the same spot, played a bit, and as the volleyball game started, my friend and I were so focused in playing that..

then it hit me.. LITERALLY!

I took a headshot from an incoming volleyball at the side of my head, whoa, TOTAL HUMILIATION! haha, so I continued my game with my friend, (my head still kinda aches till now).

The volleyball game ended, sadly our branch lost, but they put up a fight.

Our group (dota players) were completed, all of us are now present.

It's another game of basketball, we watched the game for awhile until the last quarter, after that I lend my rackets to my friends, they got too carried away that we forgot we were watching the game, so basically we only watched the first half of the game.

When I pulled out my rackets (it was pulled out, because they wont give in XD) we went on to play another pub game of Dota.

Played played, LOST! haha :D

It was a good game so no regrets.

I went home, when I was on my way to ride the PUJ, it rained, so I went to get some shelter.

It was raining so hard that you'd get wet after a second in the rain.

I was walking along the shade of the sidewalk, I never noticed someone was behind me, when I looked back, he was smiling reaching out his arm with an umbrella in his hand,


He said to me, It was a scene that you see at the anime's :D, I said thanks and went cover to his umbrella, we both went into the rain, he asked me where I was going, I said just across the street, when we were walking, he said "Oh, the rain is so strong!", Man, from the tone of his voice, I've guessed he was gay, then I bid goodbye by saying thanks.

I really appreciated his help, but I wished it was a girl :D you know..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SportsFest! Day 1

This was the first day of our school's sportsfest and I woke up 1 hour late on the meeting place's call time, whoa what a way to start the sportsfest's first day, I got up then went straight to bath, then fixed myself up and left without anything on my belly, (no food intake yet, not that i don't have clothes on my belly, etc.)

I got my mom's camera with me, hehe, she doesn't know.

At the venue, we looked around, and I took some pictures, (literally its only some, I didn't took too much pictures because the SD card was full, and I even minimized the mp of the cam).

Then the program was on! it started with "Mr. and Ms. Info", haha, so it was a great start, really spiced up the boys and girls and in between :).

Then we went home, haha :D what a brief description :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

School Suspended!

I don't want to talk about my internet connection anymore, I don't want to jinx it by any chance.

Thankfully classes today were suspended, and we finished our lecture on PC Troubleshooting before it was announced, so it was worthit, PC Troubleshooting is one of the best subjects! you get to learn all sorts of stuff in your system unit, and what to do in certain problems we can encounter, our class is heading for the "Assembly" of a system unit, our professor showed us how a motherboard can be removed, (and other parts with it) he stated what safety precautions were, so we can do it correctly.

after our class, I went on a little chat with some of my classmates, deciding on what we can do to this day, I decided to go home and blog :) it was too rainy anyway to play a pub game, and our team captain wasn't present, so as our other teammates :).

Of course, before I went on home, I moved around the campus, to find her, and look at her for one last moment before I go home, and my day was complete.. :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

This is horrible!

If you have read my last blogpost entry, you know what i'm talking about..

as another day goes by, I slowly turned on my computer, crosses my fingers, and hope for the best, once its on, i'll type as fast as I can, just to make it to the required blog post.

Today, my computer granted me again access to the net, but for how long? because as I stated, it only gives me about roughly 2 minutes to surf the net after its boot, now, as I write this post down, I shake to my very core, thinking that this network connection may (fingers crossed) fail and I wont make the blog post a valid Adgitize post :(.

I mean, its like the freedom of surfing the net is gone, I can't do anything about it, I am considering factors that is affecting my network connection right now..

It might be..
1.The cable company themselves (not pleasing me at all)
2.The rats behind my desktop (thankfully not bitten anyhing.. yet)
3.The storm (I think its name was "juan")
4.The cable (just cable, maybe unplugged?)

I can't do anything about #1, and I will clean up the back of my desktop this weekend, because literally my desktop is on a tough spot, i'll snap a picture once I lay my hands on my mom's camera, #3 is another outside factor I cannot do anything with, and #4 I already checked, it wasn't it.

So, if you've got a stable network connection, make the most out of it XD.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hardest Blogging day Ever!

This are those days that I want to blow up my internet network's company.

When I woke up this morning and turned on my computer, I worked on some of my school projects, and did a little blog tweaking to my other blog, so it was a typical blogging day for me, until..

It was somewhere between 12 to 1pm. I shutted down the computer for a bit, and grabbed myself a munch, when I got back to blog, the horror happens,


man, what a terrificly good timing, I haven't clicked yet, and havent posted yet, on the forums and my own blog, the strange thing is, everytime I went from a boot, the network connection bursts to its fastest, then, will slow down instantly after a few minutes, (2 to 4 or so), so I can access the net for a number of time, so I'm writing this post on my notepad, and will restart my computer again to post it on my blog, really tough situation for me.

I know complaining about this on the company won't change anything, they are as slow as hell! they only mush up on the phone when they talk to you, telling you they will send a technician instantly, or telling you some troubleshooting tactics that is literally just to pass the time, very irritating.

But i'm not jumping to conclusions, I'm still looking at outside elements, for example, a storm was detected inside of philippine's AOR, so as I know the network connection slows down when it rains, I am considering this too to be a factor, but to start with, why the heck does it slow down when it rains? effing service if you ask me.

And when it rains, it gives a slow connection, repeat after me, a S L O W connection, not an effed up one like I have now, back then when it rains you can still do your facebook rounds, now this thing wont even let me connect onto yahoo.

Man, got a C4 or a pillbox on your pocket or bag? please drop it off on my network's company, thank you.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


No no, its not from an experience, its about blogging.

When I bloghop, I always notice something from other blogs, and this is the kind that I want, the Sticky Post!.

I don't know how they do this, I would like to make one for myself for a "Blogroll" application, I love blogroll that much :D

But still, if you look at my blog, the header image of my template is too big, so when I use a sticky note, they would have to scroll down more in order to read my official blog post entry.

And again, I'm giving out my ear (or eyes, don't be literal guys XD) to those who are willing to teach me how.

Friday, October 15, 2010

This is not my day

This is literally not my day..

It was examination week..

I woke up this morning just right for my morning class, it was suppose to start at about 7:00 am, then when I got to school, its still closed, (weird eh? a closed school, that is assigned a class), apparently even our teachers are still not in the premises, then I sat down with my friend (thankfully he's early too) and chatted for awhile to pass the time, my head was aching all the time, longing for my soft warm bed.

the class started about 8:00, no worries I said, better early than late..

Then, at my second class, we were all positioned on our cheating arrangement, then, somehow, without me doing anything, my teacher called me out to sit in his desk, (WTF!) no biggie, he's a nice teacher, chatted with him too while taking up the test, good thing is it only consisted of 3 parts, 1st part was True or False, second was Identification, and the 3 was about query, that part I didn't paid much attention to.

After that, my friends and I went for a pub game of DotA.

Our favorite comp. cafe was loaded, so this time, we were taken from our homecourt and sent to their other branch, (it was in the neighbor, so it wasn't far), we played we played, and somehow, our team lost to our everyday same opponent (which is rarely happened), so no biggie again for me, it was just a game, time cards were given to keep track of what time you started, i'll make a script to tell what happened,

We were giving out our time cards to pay our bills.(peso currency ok :D)
Man:20 bucks
Man:20 bucks
Man:20 bucks
Man:that would be... 35 bucks
Me:what the..

Man I was pissed, I argued with the man telling that I was with them, he keeps on saying "I just read what was written on the time cards", It was a rush so other people were rushing to pay too, I suspect that my time card was switched with some lucky b*st*rd, My classmate (which I am ignoring for some reasons) called me back in and helped me argue, thanks but still the man repeated his words, I was totally pissed that time, but as when I get pissed, I tend to "think" about it.

Then we bid goodbye..

I went directly to my bed, slept..

Hours have passed, then I woke up with a "stiff neck".

I stand up, then I stepped on a spilled water spilled by my pamangkin (sorry forgot the english term for this), without giving attention I went down the stars, I saw again a puddle of spilled water, I avoided it, and when I stepped my foot..

I fell down the stars..

Thankfully I know now what our "buttocks" are for, saved me the pain, it hurted for a minute but that's fine.

And that was my day.. how's yours?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

That's weird

Whaaaa?? bloggers commented on my blogpost about my 1100, but didn't comment on my blogpost about my iPaq500? wierd :D.

Congrats on the blogpost of Mr.Llama :)

Well, im already drained from the day, so I can't think straight to blog about, good luck to me on a 300 word forum post too :(.

I heard whispers that other bloggers are demanding to RAISE the 300 word forum post into a higher count (e.g 350, 450+), man, talk about arrogance, in my part. I am sorry for the words but why do that? why complain? are they telling other bloggers that they are better? because they can do a 300 word forum post in a blink? man, that's why the world slows down on our innovation, peoples like that makes it slow, battling again his own, without any reward, just a boastfulness glory in the end.

Well, that's all the juice I can squeeze out, I'm very truly sorry if my blog posts were not that as good as my previous ones.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Well whattaya know

On my last blog I mentioned about my ancient phone :), well, to start off this blog post, lemme give you a peek of what I'm going to blog about..

A slick phone don't you think?

Ok ok this phone is mine, but don't jump into conclusions, this phone is a great phone, has all my techie needs, a Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint Player, a Media Player, and a great themed icons, and a great home window, and I was stupid enough to ruin it :).

This phone was my mom's, we bought it off a cellphone repair booth, he gave us a "Lifetime Warranty" because it was an exotic phone, so I said to my mom to buy it, well it was only for a 1,500 peso, so its a great deal, look it up at ebay to see how much I saved :D.

Then when she was using the phone, she always asked me how to operate this "Thingy", so I decided to swap my nokia (not the ancient one, the one she bought me, the flippy one :D will post pics of it next time), as a techie guy, I maximized the capability of the phone :D, everything went fine, even when the time it got wet on the keyboard, it went nuts, typing was never that easy, it was auto clicking/typing :D, I charged it and left it for awhile, then the next thing you know, its fixed, maybe the charging fried the water inside.

After that, I was sooo happy, got the phone I used to know and love, then, as I went on with my everyday life, I charged this phone and my mp4 player, having the same charging port (USB port) I, for some reason, decided to switch their chargers, (because the phone charger is much more faster), I charged it OVERNIGHT (man as I wrote it down, I see how dumb i was XD). then when I woke up, its dead, pressed the ON button but it wont budge, then, I was all gloomy, knowing this thing would'nt go away by just overcharging it again.

What happened was the mp4 charger had a different voltage than of the standard one, and when you look at the battery, it was all inflated and stuff, having a lump, then I decided to buy a battery on ebay, when it got here, I slapped it in, crossed my finger, then pressed the ON button, sadly, nothing happened :(.

My friend and I embarked on a mission to fix this phone, we went from booth to booth, telling us that the problem was on the "Program" and they don't have the certain program to make it work.

As we venture along our journey, my friend always brings up on how stupid I were to buy an exotic phone, (man I called him friend), but he was saying that in a joking manner, so I know he's just trying to cheer me up.

I miss this, we even called this "IPAKYU"

We manage to find a booth, it was my friends booth, well, its not his, but he always go there to repair his gadgets, so he's a regular on that booth, even the guy fixing stuffs became his friend.

One guy there said he knew someone with the program for my phone, I was so happy, then, the guy said "it'll cost roughly around 1,000" and he was unsure to boot with :(. so I cancelled the deal,

Until now I want a phone like this, I'm missing its services it provided me :( sad.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Window Shopping... Kinda

Damn I forgot to click last night at Adgitize :(

As I have received Adgitize's payment, and 2 from my PTC sites, I have felt the "Biglang Yaman" Syndrome that was told to us when we were at highschool, it was a feeling that you want to buy all sorts of things just because you gain an amount of money from something, but I do have a valid reason on feeling this.

I have a phone, yes, everyone technically does, but mine can be called an "Ancient", im not ashamed of it, in fact, I love the "Simplicity" of its interface, so I was really keeping a good care of it, but we all know things wore out everytime, that's what my phone is going through now.

You cannot see what its malfunction until you use it..

It looks fine right? but its having some "Issues" on sending messages, its receiving and sending messages on a delaying manner, so that can be irritating right?

To those kind hearts who want to donate phones, my paypal account is, haha just kidding with you :) but don't be shy on donating for a phone :D

Monday, October 11, 2010


Working on my "Reserved Post", I am now uploading my pictures to be used on my reserved post, Surprisingly, I didn't see the size of each picture, when I looked, it was about 5mb per picture, whoa! talk about megapixels.

Oh and I tried out the forum posting, and a whopping 100 points was awarded to my Adgitize account, but to gain that 100 points everyday, I need a thing or two to tell my fellow bloggers about, that's like doing a 2 blogpost everyday!, but its for the better, so I guess I need to open my mind to more things so I can blog more about things, wow what a poorly use of redundant words. :)

The Opera browser takes its toll, that's why I thought it was good to be true..

My Opera browser is acting up, when it loads a page, it always stops loading, and still when I refresh the page, I still wait for like ages for the page, but it will never load, so I'm going back to my home browser FireFox, but as I lay this descriptions, I haven't tried Opera out again, and my net was fluctuating back then, so I might take back what I just said when I use Opera again :)

Our prelim exams are coming up.. wish us all luck :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Here at School

Im here today at school, not knowing I still haven't posted here at my blog XD.

I was about to miss a point in Adgitize for not posting here XD, and the net here at school stinks, big time, I.P.s are being stolen (dunno how that happened) and everything is flashing "Error" on every page!.

Error this...

Error that...

And the network connection is always fluctuating! up and down.. up and down! making saving drafts hard! and I don't need to mention what posting would be like.

So as long as Im here at the school, I prefer not to go net surfing here, Maaasar lang ako pag nag net ako!.

I don't know why I haven't posted yesterday at home, maybe I forgot, or slipped my mind, and oh yeah I tried posting on Adgitize's Forum, hope the points will go to my account, looking forward to another post on Adgitize's Forum!.

NOTE : I know my grammar is preety bad, haven't got a good night sleep yet, my first class was too early.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Don't have a clue how to post in forum of Adgitize!

Aww, Sadly my "Nick of time" wasn't counted, aww..

Hey, Before I start my blogpost, I just want to say that I have cashed out on my 3 PTC sites, and 1 on Adgitize, will post them after this blog post, (maybe the next day, so it is a valid Adgitize post)

So as Adgitize made their new rule of the "Forum Posting", I want to know how its done, so I headed to Adgitize's homepage, when I logged in, I clicked "Forum", which lead me to logging out, so my question is..

"How can you post on a forum? if so, how can it be counted to your Adgitize account?"

Im getting irritated because all of the days that passed is like money dripping out of my pocket :(, so sad, so please Adgitize community, help me with this one,

If you know where I can read a step by step tutorial or a video about this please do post here, and if you're kind enough to walk me through I'd be happy to listen.

And why does your account logs out anyways when you click on some link on Adgitize? really puzzling, hmm, and I've been working on some of my "Reserved Post", how about you?

Nick of time

Time check here is 12:56, a minute away from verifying my post, please count this one ken brown, thanks :D

Friday, October 8, 2010

Reserving blog post

There are times when a blogger has nothing to blog about, its not that he/she does not have something in mind, maybe it just slipped out, and sometimes, a blogger's mind is jam packed of wild blog post, anything and everything in between, he/she is thinking about it, so, why not do this to even out the two?.

I've read this on the "Guerilla Blogging", that said that a blogger should blog about everything that comes to his/her mind, and post them as for me, an "emergency post", which you can post when your totally blank on what to blog about, so you are maximizing the two scenarios and what their side effects are.

So I will try to do this next week, because it would be our "Sports Fest" on our school, so things would get a little wacky, :D and I will try to put on personal pictures taken by me, because my mom's camera from work came in, its her time for the camera, which makes it time for me too :D

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Stressful Night

It was half past 8 in the evening when I got home, I just came back from school, It was really a tiring night, losing a game of DoTA before going home, proposing a product to half of the class in one subject, then when I got home, a friend of mine was waiting for me, he was waiting to show me his tricks, which really took off some of my stress, but as we chat and time flies by, I completely lost track of what I had to do, so I bid him farewell and thanks for the tricks he pulled, (He was a magician in training, and I was his so called "apprentice" or manager in my view, he's getting good!).

I rushed over to turn on my pc. I thought of the adgitizing stuff really to breeze by because of my new Opera browser, and as soon as my desktop loaded, I clicked on the Opera icon, which surprisingly malfunctioned, sadly I went to firefox, opened up my blog and add a 3 new tab for my 3 PTC sites, then, I clicked clicked clicked until my Opera browser works, and yet again, the "Opera Turbo" saved my buttocks, XD. really lovin it as my Adgitizing tool.

All was fine, until my net started fluctuating, it went up and down faster than a child playing on a see-saw, I'm really messed up, as I look at the time, its already 11:30pm, and I have to get up 6:00 in the morning! whoa talk about cramming.

As I wrote all of this down while browsing, my browser was concerned of me, then both Opera and Firefox loaded all the pages that was not opening, I was so relieved, thanks to this I can now close my eyes tonight :).

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Adgitizing LITERALLY made faster! and any web surfing!

Browsers are what we use to surf the net, the most commonly used browser would be Mozilla Firefox, and secondly the Google Chrome, as I use this two web browsers, I remembered an old browser that was used on my phone to gain free access to the net using only your phone, and I thought it was only good for your phone, It ended up making me a happier blogger :)..

It all started when my second to the most favorite browser, Google Chrome, crashed, Im still searching out why Google Chrome is not functioning properly, as I read on forums, others are experiencing the same thing all over the globe, I hope Google patch this up, then, as I need to do a favor to my best friend (help her out on facebook games), I have to search for a new browser, then it hit me..


That was the browser's name, I searched up the site and downloaded the installer, when I installed it, I came across another problem, the progress bar wont move!, then after a minute or so of waiting, I canceled it, surprisingly, it still was installed, and thanks alot for that..

I used this browser to access my other gaming account on fb, after that I tweaked some of the browsers functions, what really pleased me and motivated me into blogging about it was the "Opera Turbo" built in function, which literally turbos opera when browsing, I turned it on and it blew me away!..

All sites were loading within seconds! made my "Adgitizing" really fast, so fast that I didn't dropped off some of my footprints to some blogs, I was testing its speed so I went on a clicking frenzy, which gave promising results, all blogs were loading within seconds, and those laggy blogs before were no issues no more!..

Well. it was a blast, this browser would be my blogging browser, I recommend it too! but don't let me talk you into it, use opera's built in function "Opera Turbo" and see what Im really talking about :D

P.S. : Dont use with "PTC sites", Some has conflict with the Opera browser

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dropping off footprints

As an emerging blogger, you learn from others, and to learn from others, you go from blog to blog to find out what blogging is really about, and as you learn about traffic, you tend to drop off your footprints (URL) to their blog by means of a shoutout, (on a chatbox or comment), but I see others making some common mistakes about this, which lead me to blogging about this..

I don't know why others forget about the essentials of dropping off comments, the reason for dropping by can be because you want to establish a connection or you want the targeted blog to view you back, either way, what's important is you need to remember your blog's URL, because others use the shoutbox I provided but didn't put any URL linking back to their blog, (which I am frustrated about, because I can't return the favor of them visiting here)..

So what I can say to this blog post is..

Dont Forget your capital U.R.L. :D Happy blogging everyone!

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Virus!

Before i start my blog post, I would like to congratulate Mr.Llama on his new phone :D

Now on my previous post, I said that my computer was infected by an undetectable virus, it was pretending to be an anti-virus that would literally force you to install it.

Then as I have no choice, I installed that effin virus, after its installed, my computer restarted, and after that, my startup had a new scanner, it was the "Anti Spy Safeguard" splash screen, It will force you to scan your computer with it. now again I have no choice to do this, after the scan, It will say that there's a bunch of application that is infected by a trojan virus.

The good news is it can be removed, bad news is you have to buy the full version of the said "Antivirus".

Then, I rushed over to the nearest computer shop to research about the virus, (its preventing me from accessing the net, when I click my net browser, it says that it is infected and I should purchase the full version blah blah).

I happen to went to my friend's computer shop, there I researched like crazy, thinking of what I should do, then my friend told me about "System Restore", I searched about it, and saved the walkthrough page on my flash drive.

When I went home, I followed the instruction, but unluckily...

System Restore is also infected...

I went "WHAT THE EFF!!", then, I remembered the "Safe Mode" of windows, I tried this and luckily I gained access of the System Restore function.

:D thanks to that knowledge, oh and the virus was named "heuristic module" of some sort, so be careful downloading an .exe file from some random webpage!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My computer is infected!

Ahh man, I know this day would come..

At last, the day I've been waiting for, the day that my computer would be infected, aww, I came across a downloadable application on the net, it was a .exe file so I didn't know, I encountered this at the past, Pero di pa din ako nadala.

I'm finding ways to save my computer from damnation, and the only thing that is suitable seems to be a "System Restore", I wish that I can learn this at the nick of time, before my pops found out about this :D

Saturday, October 2, 2010

What a coding day!

I spent my day renovating my blog :)

this is what I love the most, tweaking my blog's layout, today, I made a page for the "Badge creator", that was easy though, copy and paste and I was done, take a look at my new pages toolbar!

And there was my new toolbar, the new blog toolbar was tweaked by using the table code HTML, It made me review because I forgot how to make table windows evenly proportional, thankfully I still have all the codes I had from my "web developing" class, I knew that thing would come in handy!

Whew what a day, oh and I added a blog on my blogroll, check it out if its yours :)

Want to be in that blogroll? just send me a message on facebook :D you can click on my badge at my sidebar to get to my page :)

P.S. I've been wanting to change my layout, any suggestions on templates? :D