Thursday, December 23, 2010

Step one, The Cramming..

Whoa! Advance merry Christmas guys!

I recently posted about our successful performance on our school's Christmas party, I decided to look back on how we came to be before the actual performance.

It was three days before the party, we decided to practice, but only few came, so we decided to brainstorm instead of actually practicing.

The second day? the others went on home, (too much busy about our CWA's and CWE's)

The last day before the performance? well, actually, only few still came, but that few were the ones to perform the complicated part, so we pushed through and practiced, surprisingly, with just one practice, we got the steps dead on, we just had troubles with the blocking and timing, so we practiced some more, and minutes later, we got it.

Man, talk about cramming!


. . . . and Cramping XD - Jabs

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