Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thanks, :D

Cedrick's POV, to check out Nash's POV, go to Nash Goes Chenellyn

We recently went on a trip, :D and it was fun!

Yesterday, Me, Nash from Nash Goes Chenellyn, and Mark (An EX Blogger) *and oh yeah Deej from Llama's Journal sadly can't come because he still have classes that time* went on a search for the talked about "EON" card, so as to Nash's research, the most nearest and safest branch of the UnionBank is somewhere inside a mall, so off we go!.

Our jeep stopped us over the mall's street, I guess it can't go on because of the overflowing market goers crowding the streets, we were shocked by how many were in a Christmas rush to buy gifts and whatnot, Nash went on the search for some toys for Elvie of "Elvira's Runabouts", I think they made a deal of some sort, as Nash fills up her list with choices, Me and Mark helped ourselves with the entertainment the displayed toys gives, acting as we were 6 ~ 9 year olds.

As we walked and walked, making comments about what we see, what we wanted to buy, We decided to Talk to the mall's directory personnel (is that what they are called?) on where UnionBank was located, she was kind enough to direct us on where to go, so off we go again!.

We got to the bank and was greeted by the nice staff, I remember Nash saying she was shocked by the personnel, he was huge and had a dark complexion, she was going to say "It wasn't me!" hehe, we sat down and talked to the bank assistant on what's the ups and downs of the so-called "EON" card.

We decided to go back to our school, mark had to do some errands of his own so he went on, Me and Nash decided to grab a bite, after all we were so exhausted, she was so kind to treat me a cold beverage, (I owe her one), she even offered to pay the tab, but I refused, (I should be the one paying the tab! haha!).

We sat at the library and chatted, there, I learned some dark secrets about our school *ERRR, hahaha, (Top Secret, cannot be mentioned) when Deej was finished with his class and Mark was done with his errands, Nash decided to treat us with some Chillz.

We went on and sat at the OneStopBlog'z badge inspired MiniStop!, there we talked about blogging, some personals stuffs, making Mark come back to blogging, and some spoilers to the movie they'll be watching "The Frozen", there were electric shocks, wolves, and even Narnia in our discussion! hehe, it was a heck of a good time that we literally forgot what time it is, when we decided it was too dark out, we decided to part ways and bid our goodbyes.

That was a fun day for me, I don't know about them three :D (Thanks again to Nash, I owe you big time!)


HAHA! Very well said Ced. :D

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