Saturday, December 18, 2010

Uber slow connection

What the heck is happening to my internet connection? its so slow!

even just loading "Yahoo" takes 48 years, (not literally) I don't know why this came to be, but it is really affecting me as for a user whose using the internet in a daily basis :(

They really suck (the internet provider company) they suck hard.

Well, maybe this is a sign that I should start my "CWA" marathon this day, err, what I'll be doing in my CWA marathon?

1.Short Story (Minimum of 9 Pages)
2.Take home Exam : Accounting
3.Coursework Assignment : RDBMS
4.Coursework Assignment : e-Commerce

Man, err, plus I haven't clicked in my adgitize :( sad.


change to a faster internet provider. i also experienced that several months ago. the down loading and browsing takes forever. it's a super waste of time :(

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