Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What the? One day Practice? One day Performance?

Imagine performing infront of the stage, with hundreds of audiences, but with a piece that was rehearsed just hours ago?

Tomorrow will be our Christmas party, and our group decided to perform one last time for our dearest School President that'll be graduating, so this is his last time for us to perform with him, well, at least with his choreography that is.

This is very troublesome, but yet very exiting, Deej of Llama's Journal will be performing with us, sadly, he wasn't in our practice this afternoon, but I know he can keep up with just hours of preparation :)

This will be our last fight!


Nagpractice pa kau? Umuwi na ako nung gabi eh. Grabe naman! Pero I guess kaya yan! GO GO GO!

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