Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Im Back!

Well I've been away from blogging actions too long, I lost that blogging passion of mine and hopes to regain it soon.

The first step I took in getting that passion back is cleaning my blog and making use of a new template! it's much nicer don't you think? I hope my friends, mommies, and daddy bloggers are still around, give me a holla and I'll visit back.

Leaving a comment here will be really helpful, specially because of Adgitize's closing, I was shock the moment I read Ken's post, I have to hand it to him, he made a great community and a great system for all to benefit in.

On other news, the widely used "ShoutMix" turned into a "Pay-to-use" service, I can't blame them because of the reports they said, another blogger tool bites the dust, now how am I suppose to bloghop now :(

Looking forward to another year of blogging :)