Passive Income

What is 20$2surf?

This is literally a passive income generator! how? you'll be surprised.. :)

This is a program called "20dollars2surf" (20$2surf), it's a cashbar that will popup on your system like this..

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It's a program designed for advertising, it's really interesting, the mechanics to this is that the longer the cashbar is active on your desktop, the higher the points will be, Advertisements will be displayed in it each second (don't exactly know how long, no need to click them, they just want to be noticed). Points are given out depending on how long your cashbar is turned on, as long as it's turned on, and as long as there's an internet connection, you will earn points!

Sounds interesting eh? Thinking of registering now and getting the cashbar eh? well hold your horses! were not yet done.

I would'nt want to jack you up with this all goodie goodie traits of this program, all of the money making system has it's ups and DOWNS, well for this program, here's the downside.. (Hey! Don't leave because of this downside! I have a cure for this! :))

Always in the middle

See what I mean? X)

Well not always, you can drag it anywhere

Enough of this, I think you're getting angry at me, but let's settle that thingy! I found a way to make it smaller and less annoying, it will still be there but you can almost forget it's there because of what were gonna do.

20$2surf requires you to install their cashbar on your computer, so afterwards you'll have a desktop icon of it after it's done.

Every desktop icon has it's properties, I'm getting low at bandwidth so I'll just walk you through it.

Right click the 20$2surf Icon, there should be a selection there, select properties. to the properties, there's a field named "Run: " where it should have selected by default "Normal Window", now change the Normal Window into "Minimized", got it? so here's the speedthrought

Right Click > Properties > Run > Minimized

That's it, it would be a teeny tiny and less annoying than of the big one, sometimes when you move it around after doing this minimized thingy it would get errors, just close it and re-run your desktop icon of 20$2surf.

And that's it, I hope you'll register! if you found this guide useful, just signup with this as me as your referral downline, my upline promised me referrals, so I will give you referrals after I maxed out mine.

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Wait wait wait! Don't go just yet!

Were not yet done, I'll tell you how you'll max out your earnings here at 20$2surf

Well just now you just registered to their homepage, signing in their homepage lets you see your account statistics, that homepage of yours can be used to many things and not just by viewing your stats, you can spin the roulette, play bingo, and many more.

But the specific part of the homepage I want to talk about is the "Bonus Points" part, you can see it when you log in your account, it's like a banner of some sort, Just log in into your account and you won't miss it.

Bonus Points in 20$2surf are just like PTC ads, you can get bonus points for clicking ads, everyday almost 20 of these are in there, so you can earn much more rather than just leaving the cashbar open right?

Okay that's that, so aren't you wondering what referrals are for? it's really big of a deal here at 20$2surf, you just don't earn intsy wintsy from them, you own EXACTLY the points they gather! so if you were to earn 200, and your referrals the same, your earnings would be 400! see what I mean? you earn 100% of their points! making this a passive income generator! plus! it's 10 LEVELS DEEP! so you'll be earning from your referral's referral's referral!

I hope all of that convinced you to join, I've shown you the ups and downs of this system.

Remember! first you have to do is

-install cashbar
-edit cashbar

Then, let's speedthrough over all of what you have to do to maximize your earnings at 20$2surf

-run cashbar
-click "Bonus Points"
-play "roulette/bingo" (optional)

That's that! I hope to see you in my downline. Good Day!

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