Sunday, November 6, 2011

New blog! Get your textmates here!

I just created.. well.. just tweaked my old blogs, it's a blog about texting, and I would hope you guys would visit it and comment on what you think of it.


I sure hope you guys would visit, looking forward to you guys being there! :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The 20$2surf Effect!

I just tried out this new program that lets you earn just by doing nothing!

Yep, you can almost do nothing and they'll pay you, well it's hard to believe right? so just check out my guide that I recently created about this program!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rolling on High Stakes

High Stakes have high payouts!

I used to think that you can earn by not investing online, well, yes, at first I was earning online without a single penny invested in any programs.

But now that I thought about it, you will eventually need to invest, you can earn without investing but it'll be as slow as heck!

Well now I've learned my lesson and started investing on things, whether it's a gut feel or not, legit or scam, I'll risk it to earn! :)

How are you earning lately?

Monday, September 5, 2011

So much to blog about..

I have too much things to blog about, sadly they all just dries up and vanish in my brain.

I don't know why I love to blog something then go rushing to my computer, then, when I'm in front of my desktop, I get way too sidetracked and never blog about it haha.

I don't know, I think I've lost focus, maybe it's because of this schoolwork at hand, it's our semestrial break but still there's lots and lots to do.

I wish we could just finish this with one fell swoop, but what can you do when your teammate's not that active? he has potential, far greater than mine, but still, he slacks off more than I can slack on a whole day, he works perfectly fine but he wants to work 1 day before deadline, I can't have that! argh, well I think I just ranted that out in the open air, I've been keeping that all in.

Argh, I could use a breather..

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cleanin out my BlogRoll

♫ I'm Sorry Blogger, I Never Meant to Change You
♫ I Never Meant to Change My Blog
♫ But Tonight..
♫ I'm Cleanin out my Blogroll

Hehe, Messin with Eminem's Wicked rhymes.

Well, That's because I just cleaned out my blogroll of those dead links and One-Sided links.

X means EEEKKK, O means of those who has valid reasons

No, it's not a game of Tic-Tac-Toe. it's the listings of dead links in my blogroll, you can visit my blogroll HERE.

Is your badge removed? Comment and link me back :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hey! My Twitter is Still Alive!

Cedngasngu! A.k.a DarkCircuit!

Please do feel free to follow me :))

I haven't been updating this blog, cause of the fact that my advertisement pack from adgitize just expired, I'll be waiting for a certain day before I advertise again.

Thanks to those who still visits me around here, I'm sorry I can't return the favor yet, I'll promise to dropby!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Weird Dream

I know every dream has a meaning behind it, but what does this mean?

As all dreams become blurry as time passes after you wake up, I only remembered key events on my weird dream.

There was this dog house that brutally kills dogs just because they are overpopulated, then someone told the owner that there's another kind of doghouse that adopts dogs that doesn't kill dogs, instead they don't eat just to feed the dogs they have adopted, the owner decided to burn down his slaughterhouse for dogs and drove off with all the dogs.

Then there was a threat on my family, and when we were running out of food, I saw someone came in the door, dropped off a grocery of foods, and turned away, my sister and cousin followed the guy, they were shocked and can't believe it, they said that he is our "Real Grandfather", but he doesn't look like my grandfather at all, and they said that my late grandfather was only our "Pretend Grandfather", but I didn't believe them, a scene was played in my mind, my late grandfather was patting my head, and I was saying to myself "If he's my pretend grandfather.. why was he this kind.. this loving to me?".

The third key scene was my long lost friend that left because I didn't let him borrow a certain book (yup you heard it right, he left because I didn't let him borrow a BOOK) came back, he was being tracked by these bandits because of what he did (the "left because of a book thing") so I felt partially responsible, then, a bandit came with a knife, he gave me the knife and said to stab my friend, but I refused, so he deepened the knife's blade to my hand until I obey him.

Take it.. Come on and stab me, it's allright..

My friend uttered, but still I let the blade of that knife cut my hand, then the bandit left, then I woke up.

I stretched my arm up high, looked at it and there was no scar at all, it was really a weird weird WEIRD dream I ever had.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Mulan : Be a Man

I really love this song from the movie "Mulan", I don't know why but everytime mulan is replayed, I try to watch this part XD.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Behind the Lights : Was "Onbux" Ever a SCAM?

I know it's scammed, but when you think at it this way..

PTC's today have been using the priority service of the new payment processor "AlertPay", it's really a nifty competitor for "PayPal", but why are this emerging PTC using AP instead of PP?

As I ventured off the world wide web, I found out that PP, being a partner of Ebay (both are big-a$$ company) is really strict on their rules, that's why many PTC's close down because of their PP accounts being frozen.

Whereas to AP, having not that strict of a rule, and having low or almost NONE "Transaction Fee" compared to percentage-based Fee of PP, I may have seen a new light to Onbux's great downfall.

Onbux never missed a payment on my account, except my last transaction..

My friend's funds came down with Onbux itself.. And I'm to blame.. BAH!

So.. Was Onbux LEGIT from the start? Was PP the cause of the great fire on Onbux?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rainy Morning..

Why is that..

Why is that when it rains, I'm sad? it's like all of my problems pop out of my head.

I don't know why but I can't bring myself to hate rainy days, somehow I still await those rainy days.

Maybe it's the cold wind.. Maybe it's the cold raindrops.

Whatever it might be, I'll never know.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Classes on Saturday?

I know it's not new.. but now we have classes on Saturday?

Saturday, one of the rest day of a student where he can forget, for just a day, his school and his schoolwork, where he can just sit back.. relax.. and sleep all day, but what happens when a subject of yours is moved on Saturday?

Aww a rest day.. turned into.. Argh! Well, I'll be going now X(

Thursday, July 28, 2011


It's UAAP for "not-so-famous" schools. XD

I wouldn't exactly say that cause all of the schools joined in NAASCU is known! :)

Every year, our school joins NAASCU, it's like UAAP for some schools that aren't joined in UAAP.

I remember our first time going to that NAASCU, all of the seats were taken cause it was literally a full house, but seeing as our attendance is a must, we roamed the whole dome just to kill spare time.

We walked, and walked, and walked.

Then we decided to stay at a closed down stairs, we sat there, then these two big "bouncer looking" guys went infront of us and ate their hotdogs, it's like their teasing us on purpose XD.

I don't know if this'll happen again, but I'm sure I hope not.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Leave it Blank!

XD I hope this won't affect my juice :P

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hectic Schedule bumps out Routine!

I have a routine, and my schedule is kicking my routine to the back! XD

I have a pretty unique routine when it comes to blogging, I practiced myself waking up 11:00am (yeah I know it's not healthy) then go straight to the computer to blog, I chose this time cause I'd be busy during the day and be tired at night, but as you can see, I too have some things to do in the morning, so.. leaving my routine unpracticed.

I decided to move my routine to a much more daring time, I'll be blogging at night time, and having troublesome classmates, I always have a 50/50 chance of going home at night, because sometimes we go out late at night and I'll end up getting home at midnight.

Argh!! and I have to practice a good blogging habit! having blogpost with lots and lots of substance, cause I'll be taking up blog reviews, hmm, oh can you guys help me? just answer this one question.

"Cause I'll be writing blog reviews, should I use "highfalutin" words on writing my reviews?"

Thanks for leavin a comment :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Everything comes in 3's

Well, it's all in 3's.

This week, i just signed up myself to two worlds, one with a familiar faces, and one im not familiar of, i'm talking about PTC and PaidtoPost websites, I just joined three of each i don't know if it's a coincidence or I just did that on purpose.

Well, the 3 PTC sites aren't that trustworthy cuz of their appearance, but I assure you that they are legit and paying, (well atleast for now, haha)

Here they are!



And the 3 PaidtoPost are yet to be revealed :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

X-Men : First Class

I can't believe I didn't watch this in 3D.

It was really good, with the effects and all, and nice storyline that really fits into the story of X-Men now, I don't know if that's the real story or someone from hollywood just made it up, overall the story really tells why X-Men is as it is now.

Makes me want to watch all X-Men movies.. *grins* hehe

Watching X-Men First Class

Watching.. XD

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Failed Advertising

Well, there goes $2 down the drain..

I tried advertising my PTC site's link to another PTC site, Clixsense, I advertised my new PTC site which I joined, BuxSecure, I bought 1000 clicks exposure, they'l verify first your clicks bought, then what click it will be added on.

After the verification process, I assigned all 1000 clicks to BuxSecure, within hours all 1000 clicks have been clicked, I didn't looked at my BuxSecure account cause I had a mixed emotions of expecting and dissapointment.

The next day and woke up to find...



Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Affiliate and PTC all in one?

Yes! it's true! and most of all, it's legit!

We have seen PTC's come and go, some went on with a flash, some with a bang, and some came smoking down, but this one deserves to be mentioned, but not to be wronged, it's still running and going strong! 4 years strong!

No. it's not NeoBux, it's Clixsense!

This wonderful PTC site offers clickers all the advertiser's ads, literally every second there's an ad, so you would really earn! and when you download their FireFox toolbar, you can see if there are newly fresh ads!

But the earning doesn't stop there! yes PTC's have referral commissions, but in Clixsense, they have innovated the way we earn from referrals! it's 8 Levels deep! when you upgrade your account, you can reach the 8 level deep earnings! and when they upgrade, you get commissions too!

But wait, there's more!

Filipinos are very resourceful when it comes to things like this, so.. they made Clixsense Team PH! Yeah you heard it right! we filipinos have our own team!

Here's the deal with Clixsense Team PH.

-They Manage Your Registration
-They Make "Credit Card Withdrawal" Possible
-They Come up with all sorts of earning strategy
-They Manage the Referral Tree
-They Give away FREE (yes you heard me) FREE Referrals!

When you want to join Clixsense, Please Contact me here so we can register you under the team! with just a $16, you would be given a "PREMIUM" Clixsense account! and aligned to the referral tree!

It's a small price to pay to get the opportunity to EARN BIG! :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Honey and Clover! A Must-Watch

This anime is sooooo cool!

I remember when I was on my highschool days, I used to watch this anime just for the jokes, but now, as I rewatched the whole thing, I now learned that this anime has more than it's bubbly characters and funny jokes.

The story of the main character, Yuuta, a College student that went to the main city, tokyo, to study architecture in an arts school, and there he met Hagu, a gifted petite girl that is capable of making epic art. as the story goes, it shows that Yuuta fell in love with Hagu in first sight, but as the story goes deeper and deeper, it shows the life of Yuuta, which I can really appreciate and relate to, not knowing what's his place in the world.

As the story unfolds, some great sidestory are told too, like shinobu's weird life, Takumi's complicated love story, and ayumi's one sided love story.

This anime would surely pinch your heart until you cry, as I read a review about this anime, it says

It can MAKE or BREAK you

Give it a chance! I promise you won't be wasting your time :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My favorite anime has ENDED

Well, that's it, every good beginning must come to an end.

I just finished watching the anime "Honey and Clover", I remember watching it as a little child, cause I remember I liked "Hagu", cuz she's really small and cute, I have a thing for small and cute haha.

Well, back then when I watched it its just an anime for me, but now, it really speaks to me in a way that it's like telling my story, as takemoto has some similarities to me.

This anime is soooooo good that it deserves to have a review! and that review I'll be posting on my next blogpost :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Guess that Anime!

Who do you think this cuddly cute girl is from!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Game Tester. anyone of you are one of them?

I heard on ads that you can earn just by testing out games.

As a gamer myself, I think that's a dream job to have, hehe, playing video games and earning from it :P hehe, well it's a part timer but you can have it full time.

I'm having this urge to pay to be one of those game testers hehe.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Earning Online

Hmm.. now that my trusted PTC site went down in smokes (Onbux), I don't have that "Clicky Clicky" anymore.

Yes I have a clixsense account, oh, that reminds me, if you have a clixsense account please leave a comment here, specially if you don't know about "Clixsense Philippines" and I'll help you get referrals :).

Even though I have a clixsense account, having a PTC site is still a different case for me.

If you know a PTC site that's really stable, please let me know, but don't tell me about the other bux (Neobux).

And if you guys know other earning sites online, I'd be happy to be your referral if your the first one to tell me about it :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No more earnings on Adgitize?


I heard that there's no more earning in adgitize.. now this is going to be a headache.

Since I first started blogging, I've always leaned on adgitize for earnings, and now that earnings aren't that bright as it is in adgitize, I'm having second thoughts on being an advertiser for another month.

But if you look at it this way, blogs on the adgitize network gains exposure and ranks when they advertise, so adgitize isn't that bad if your looking for exposure from your blog.

And besides, if you post and click everyday, the payment for the advertising fee for the month is FREE! so technically, its a win win situation :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Can you believe?

That this blog is PR3?

Hehe, i've been out of the blogging game for about two months, and when I came back, I was surprised my blog is now PR3.

And to boot, I have another blog that's PR3, let's save that for its debut ;)

I have a PR and whatnot, but still a big newbie in SEO XD

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Running out of Gadgets

As a techie person, this isn't good.

PXP 900
*Immitation MP5 of PSP
*Used for Video and Audio Playing
*Needs reprogram T_T

Nokia 7390
*Just Picked up phone that I took care of
*Used for Gaming, Texting, and other apps
*Ripped the Ribbon when was replacing housing :(

Whaaaa! They're not that high class, but I love these gadgets, and now im left with nothing but my..

Nokia 1100
*Used for Texting
*Been dropped a hundred times
*Seems like new

It's not that I hate this phone, but as you can see, the features.. well.. hahaha.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Is the world fair?

Do you believe.. In equivalent exchange?

You study your notes, you'l pass your exams.
you work hard, you'l earn.

But is there an equivalent exchange really?

A baby cries, he gets food.
A boy born in a rich family, he's now rich.
A boy born in a poor family, he's now poor.

Equivalency, for I, doesn't exist in this world, everything is unfair, people just made up stuffs that makes us think that the word "FAIR" exist.

You? Do you believe in equivalent exchange?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sh*tBrix isn't as good as they used to..

They don't publish good and mindeffing pics right now huhuhuhu :((

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Choppy Hours of Sleep

The last thing I'd want!

Last night my dad came home with some cookies, it was those cookies that has raisins in it, I hate raisins, but seeing as it is a cookie, the category of it being a cookie values more than the raisins, hehe, so I munched and gobbled up one, its big, like, measure of a mouse (the one we use on computers) only circular, that's how big the cookie was.

After I ate the cookie, I watched my dad play poker, then went to sleep.

I fell asleep 1'O-clock in the morning, and surprisingly woke up at 4, I went downstairs to find my cousin hogging up the bathroom, which ticked me off, well, that time, a drop of a plastic glass could tick me off, I waited about half an hour just to use the bathroom!

After going to the bathroom, I tried to sleep again.

I slept at 5'O-clock, and woke up at 9.

Poker King was at his throne early in the morning! I continued my venture.

Slept half past 9, woke up half past 11.

Well, that's the worst sleeping experience I had yet, moral of the story?.. hmm.. Don't eat cookies WITHOUT MILK! Hmp! hahaha :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

♫Your the Deer in the HeadLIGHTS♫

This is one of my favorite bands in the world!

Owl City had it's first debut when its song "Fireflies" went on the air and spread like a wildfire in the whole world, but after then, when he released "Vanilla Twilight", it wasn't as big as fireflies, so Owl City had some hard time getting exposure after fireflies.

I searched Owl City's other songs and I wasn't disappointed, well, I was disappointed but not of their song, but because they're underrated, songs from Justin Bieber rose to the top with just putting words and repeating them over and over again, compared to Owl City's song, Owl City's much more meaningful. I love Owl City cause he puts his life and soul to his music, the most creative singer I've heard.

I kept saying Owl City.. the singer's name is Adam Young :) Here he is in the music video of his song "Deer in the Headlights".

There's a hidden message in the song, I did my research :) let's see if you can see it with the LIGHTS on :)

Please just listen to this song at least one time! I'm sure you won't regret it :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Battle of the Detectives! Never underestimate sleep

I almost died, well, im exaggerating :P

Yesterday, I went to school knowing im coming down with a cold and a fever, but I pushed myself to the limit, after school my friends said that they'll go to my house, which I don't want to 'cuz I just want to sleep, and I could never do that when they're here, so I changed the tables and insisted that we go to my other classmate's house.

Our teams were split into two. the one who'll go to my house (they insisted we go there) and the one going to our other friends house, the owner of the house were on the other group hahaha, so its like this

Team A and Team B

TEAM A has the member which owns the house targeted by TEAM B

TEAM B has the member which owns the house targeted by TEAM A

Haha, so we were on our respective targeted houses, but without the owner, no team couldn't get into the houses, so our team texted bluffs to team B and lured them into coming to their house, we bluffed and bluffed for hours, we told them we'll be going to another house, and they'll catch on, but the route they'll take will lead them to the targeted house, which we successfully did, we won! but team B isn't magnanimous in defeat, they went to kill some time in some convenient store and left us out on the freezing cold.

I started to feel my fever acting up, my eyes.. burning, my feet.. burning, my neck was surprisingly frozen cold, so we decided to go to our own houses to call it a night.

I'll never forget what team B did to us.

After I got home, I went straight to the hay, when I woke up, I woke up 5 times, haha cuz I dream't I woke up over and over again and did some things that I couldn't believe, so when I finally woke up, I was surprised I was feeling a million bucks! :)

Thanks to that sleep! :) I really needed that :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

I have a Gecko!

Hehe, I have a Gecko!

I woke up earlier than usual, I was feeling so down and can't stand up, so when I stood up, everything was like *WhooosH* *SwooooosH* 'cuz all were like shaking, hehe, and I was feeling hot (no, not that hot, the "I have a fever" hot), then when I got down, I told my mom and she told me to take some medicine before it gets worse.

When I was eating my breakfast, my aunt intrude with some news.

Have you seen the Gecko?

I was like *What?* then she pulled out a can of stick-o's and inside it was a cute black gecko! hehe, it was climbing up the can of stick-o's, my aunt told me they were popular on the medical industry, but my favorite part is what my aunt told me..

"It goes To-Koooo To-Koooo"

Haha, I can imagine what that would sound like :P

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Helping out to repay the debt..

As the quarrel continues, I was kept in between the two sides..

Late at night, my father came in, I always do what I do, ask him for a burger, but he said that my mom took the money so we can't buy burgers for now.

As we three gather 'round the desktop, they talked about their debts and savings, at first their tone was just "im joking", until they kept on arguing and arguing until the tone changes, the atmosphere, unbreathable, It was rare to see them fight, and I was the one causing the fight, well, I think so, cause it was about my schooling, my needs and whatnot.

I told my mom to take a nap, and my father was left on the computer, as I was gazing up the ceiling, thinking "we were never like this back then", I swore, I swore, the moment that I hopefully graduate, I would do, with all my might, to earn money! I'm saying a pool of money! A waterfall of money! but in order to do that, I must first change myself.

I want to earn.. I want to be rich.. so that this kind of nights would never happen to the two of the most sweetest and loving persons in the world..

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A part of the fishbone

Well, in most cartoons, where would be a fishbone at??

Fishbones usually gets stuck in some cartoon character's throat, and they'd choke to death, well they don't die, they just get to the verge of dying, and they'l do what it takes to remove that fishbone at their throat.

I was literally choked by a fishbone (not the whole fishbone body thing) when I was cooking Tilapia with my cousin, we only half-cooked the forsaken fish that's why I didn't notice the fishbone, we tried all sorts of things to take it off, it was budged in horizontally, I still remember the pain, I drank lots of water, ate a lot of banana, until my mom decided to pull it out herself, and.. POOF! it was gone! haha.

The feeling right there.. The feeling of relief.. The feeling that something horrible just ended.. I just felt something like that now, but I know, the fight's just about to start! I hope I can pull this through, and all groups as well, Just have a strong faith and don't forget to talk to him and everything will be alright :)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Eh? I have a Blogroll?

Haha, I think it's spring cleaning for my blogroll again.

I haven't touched my blogs codes for quite some time, even the widgets, well, my goal is for my blog to load faster for you Adgitizers and Visitors! so as you can see there aint not much widgets on my blog.

And My post count is only 1 per post, sad that I know that my older blogpost has a low possibility of being read by visitors because of the hassle of pressing the "Older Post" button, oh the price I pay for loading time.

Well, want to be on my Blogroll? Grab my badge then Holla/Msg/Chat/Comment me up so I can add you :)) Happy blogging!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bloggers now distrust PTC sites, a cute blogger, and free stuffs!

Is it just me? or there's no more blogger that goes for PTC sites?

Ever since the PTC incident, to be specific, the Onbux incident, I haven't seen any Blogpost about PTC, but maybe it's all in my head, or I ain't looking in the right place, but yeah there's not that much good PTC's spreaded in the net, I don't blame others for distrusting PTC's, I too would be traumatized if betrayed by my trusted PTC site.

Well, enough of the bad stuff, the good stuff is, I found a Kawaii Blogger! hihi, Cedngasngu has his childish crushes too you know! hehe, I remember her blog being pink, and she's an I.T. Student, well, I hope she reads this, *waves *winks

And I found some sites that's worth visiting hehe, I'll post of this FREE STUFF SITES on some other day :P

Monday, June 27, 2011

SPOILER : Test Screening of Transformers 3 in 3D

Yeah! It's now showing in theaters June 29, but what date is it now! :)) bwahahaha.

I woke up early in the morning, not the usual stuff I do, my dad told me to wake up early for the test screening of Transformers 3 in 3D.

I stood up, went to the showers, and hop on to his ride.

When we got there, we had 5 more minutes till it's showtime, we went for a walk on the side and went into the theater, I was surprised to see the theater without the long lines and the eager movie goers, today, the theater was all mine! bwahahaha.

My dad told me to go in, it was so empty I can't believe my eyes, when I sat down, the screen suddenly started to play immediately after I sat down, it was like it waited for me, the first time i saw it, i thought it was kinda blurred and whatnot, but my dad came in and handed me some glasses, I was surprised it was on 3D! hehe, it was my first time to watch a movie in 3D and to think it was Transformers 3 to be my first 3D movie!

The movie played as I watched and was blown away..

I don't want to spoil the whole movie, just take my word for it, two thumbs up! so go watch Transformers 3

* * * * * * * * * *

SPOILER SPOILER! Here's what happened.. or a glimpse of what you'll about to see when you go watch Transformers 3

New Girl, Same Character.
New Autobots, and Decepticons.
Turntables.. Turntables.. and more Turntables.
Epic Battle!

Read more From..

Nash of Nash Goes Chenellyn won a ticket for two to the film showing of Transformers 3! Congrats!

Deej of Deej Speaks, I tried to pull strings, next time I hope I can make you guys join me :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Blah Blah Blah says Cedngasngu

Haha, I've been going at it again and again, but my words are as empty as a void.

I said it a hundred times that i'll be coming back, but after that day, the next day i'd be doing other things, forgetting of what i blabbered about in my blog and in adgitize.

Now that I have a far more workable workstation, I ask myself why am I still slacking off compared to the old times when my workstation was.. well.. its not that hard to work with.. well lets just say not like what it is now, back then, I was energized and far more active than what i am doing now.

After the Adgtize Cashout on july.. I'll surely come back..

Watch out Adgitize! :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Responsibility.. The Comeback of OneStopBlog

Hello Blogosphere? Remember Me? . . . . . Guess not.

Hello, I'll formally introduce myself, I'm Cedngasngu of OneStopBlog. This blog used to be active, but for some unmentionable reason, I stopped and lost my passion, thinking that a fellow countrymen would do such a thing, but I realized that I'm the one losing when I told myself to stop.

So now, I'll go back to blogging again. I humbly knock on your blogging doors to open up again to OneStopBlogs.

As of now, I see my blog as a homeless child because of an alexa rank this high.

And the other blogs are home that I'm knocking into.

I hope for those who I knock to. for those with a good home to take me in. I will appreciate all help given to me warmheartedly :)

I look forward to blogging with all of you again :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

199'th post, Unstable Sites, Bidding, and a Comeback

I said a mouthful! hahaha.

I haven't blogged for a while, I don't know why, well, for one reason, my subjects are getting harder and harder, and I just simply had no time to spare.

When I'm at my computer, I'm either researching or playing games that I forgot to blog, (yes, I do prioritize gaming than blogging, joke ^^V)

But for Deej of Llama's Journal I was surprised that he can juggle schoolwork and blogging at the same time! My hat's off to you Deej! :)

Something urged me into blogging, it's this sites that I've previously encountered, they're as Unstable than a boat being rocked in the middle of a whirlpool.

These sites are..


I was surprised by the changes that took effect on these sites. rates, rules, legitimacy, all were being bent to their extent, either for good or bad, for better or for worse.

It's all too risky, and as I bid on eBay on auction PSP's, I have no more source of income, seeing as it is that the sites I've trusted apparently deceived others, and my fuel at ToneADay has run dry, (because of being neglected, my ranks dropped to 600 / 249 which at my theory the 249 are those members who are being paid, correct me if I'm wrong) I don't know where to look for new sources of income, my friend nash from nash goes chennelyn tried prep talk into fueling me on ToneADay, thanks.

I have one last resort, coming back to the "I SWEAR NOT TO COME BACK" site, you'll know what I mean when you see me there, then, using the ranks that it gives, I'll go to the uncharted world of "Paid Reviews" which I am new to.

Well, that's my update :P

Monday, March 7, 2011

Can i still keep up?


As this blog has its great setback, I'm wondering if I can still rise up the scales..

But I, for one, think so that I can, thanks to the encouragement my fellow bloggers give me, and for that, I think that's a more reasonable thing to keep me blogging.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Still getting into the groove

I lost it..

The so called "Groove" in the field of blogging, hmm, i wish i could regain the old passion that i had for blogging.

For now, i'll try to stimulate blogging by writing some things XD

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Its been awhile!

Whoa, it's me again! XD

Well, it's been a month of rest from blogging, I would like to say hi to all of the blogosphere, I will be returning to my daily Blogging routine.

As you can see, there were some grasses that sprouted on this blog, so i'll need to do some cleaning XD hahaha, like that "ALEXA" rank over there, as you can see, the 250k rank of mine dropped to a whopping 390k.

I would like to thank those who supported me and this blog, well i will push on through my conquest on making this blog a successful one.

Watch out! Cedngasngu will be droppin by on your blogs.

Here's a little video I made in my Online game :) I hope you guys watch it X)

Saturday, January 29, 2011



I AM SO MAD OF YOU! but i won't let a good day be ruin by you you old hag! eff, STOP STICKING YOUR NOSE INTO EVERYTHING! I AM SICK AND TIRED OF IT, sure things that others does isn't as it should be, but doesn't mean they're unethical, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS YOU F*GG*T.

I'm sorry for the terms that has and will be used in this blog post, I am soo mad of this man that claims he's a know it all goodie two shoes, hope he gets hiccups and coughs while I write this blogpost down, I am so mad that he can't stop musing other people's faults and mischeifs, FOR THE LOVE OF.. IT AINT HURTING NOBODY! SO WHY CRY TO HIM LIKE A BABY!?!? mygosh, WHAT A WEEN*R.

This is so unlikely of me, I rarely get mad at people like this, specially those who I don't know too much, but speaking of too much, HE'S TOO MUCH! I'LL EFFIN.. ohh don't get me started on what I want to do to him right now, OOOOOOOOOOO SO MAD! X(


For all of my blogger friends and visitors, I deeply apologize for this blogpost, I really just needed to blow off some steam :(

This post and what just happened just sucked all of my blogging fuel (of what's left of it), I don't know if I'll be posting again after this blogpost, so, if ever..

Goodbye everyone, it's been a blast, maybe I'll be back after some time thinking.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A hectic schedule :P


Now it's where its going to get messy whahaha, I've been going back from school to our home just to finish my blogging and as the time allocated for this is too short, and the tendency of me being worn out by the travel via jeepney, I tend to doze off and woke up just to go back to school and not even doing what I was suppose to do in the first place, blogging..

But I should push this through. :P wish me luck hehe ;)

Oh I deeply apologize for the unreturned visit, I've been busy this past few days, will return the favor this sunday, promise :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Doppleganger found!

Haha, yes yes, but not the ghost thigy Dopple.

I don't know why but the autofix is underlining "Dopple" each time I use it, is it misspelled? does such word doesn't exist? hmm.

About my dopple, it was a blog namesake to mine, so I went in curiously and browsed his blog, I like to think of that blog as a competition to me, and now that I have that in mind, I should get going and fix this blog up.

And let me tell you, the dopple blog is much more greater and higher than this blog haha :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sporty Saturday Part 4 : Watching Movies

After eating, we decided to wander along the mall near Rizal park, I don't remember what that mall's name was, but it was pretty big, I bought some stuffs for my desktop and deej and nash was looking for some books, as the specific bookstore wasn't in that mall, we decided to go back to SM manila.

On the way there, we grabbed some krushers, yum yum.

NOTE : Choco Peppermint is somehow related to Cookies&Cream

When we got to SM, we decided to watch some movies, err the movie was great, the audience? not that much, I think it's their first time to watch a movie :P hehe bad.

Read more about the movie experience HERE
And read the summary of the four part sporty saturday HERE

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sporty Saturday Part 3 : Waiting..

have you read the previous post of the part 2 of this blogpost series? Read it HERE!!!

After playing badminton, I requested that we hit the showers first, but sadly, there's no shower, aww, but hey there's still a sink, that's good! but well look at that, a strict guard won't let me borrow a Tabo sad, so I had to improvise :P.

Whoever heard of a C.R. that forbids you to wash your feet?

After that, I managed to remove that aura of mine haha, then we headed off to Jabi! (Jolibee) jabi jabi!

We took our seats and decided on our orders, deej and I went on the line while nash kept watch on the table for us.

Deej and I decided to line up with this old woman, she was asking the counter many things, I didn't evesdrop on them because I thought it'll be only for awhile, to my surprise, deej and I were standing for almost 20 minutes! haha maybe I'm exagerating but it sure feel 20 minutes, our legs are getting numb, I decided to line up at the next line, to my luck the old woman's orders were taken to her table, then it was deej's turn on the counter, and me on the other line :P

We sat down, said our prayers, and ate our meal.

We chatted for awhile where to go next after eating, I was spooked out by the urban legend that I believe was real, how could it not be? even an actor said that she had experience with that, well let's just say that it's about a modern Medusa.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sporty Saturday Part 2 : We're walking and walking and walking..

Yeah before we start, I would like to thank Nash from Nash Goes Chenelyn for the invites to the facemonitor haha, she knows what that was :)

Yeah, last time I stopped on the miniature design of the Philippine islands.

After that, we walked in search for a good spot to play badminton, here's out checklist of what we would like the spot to be.

1.Not much people
2.At least a shade
3.No breeze
4.and lastly FREE! :)

We found some great finds having these standards, we even went for a stop in this public theater like place, Nash said that the staffs of Rizal park sometimes holds a stageplay for free, we took pictures and decided to make something out if it hehe :) I'll post it here too! before heading out, I saw deej picking up leaves, to my surprise, it spin in midair as deej threw them uphigh! it was "Nature's Toy" so I say, haha.

Then again, we walked.

We decided to go further, I think we went on Quirino grandstand by walking further, there, you can see many buses crowding the side of the grandstand! we found an icecream vendor on the side walk *ka-ching! then we tried playing on the grass there, but all of our checklist's attributes were not met there, there was breeze, the crowding people are ok but the breeze kept us from playing the game.

So we decided to go back to our great finds back at Rizal park.

When we got back we decided to took the place at the end of the road on a sidewalk, perfect! no breeze, no crowds, just us! so there we played the exiting game of badminton, whoo really worked up a sweat.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sporty Saturday Part 1 : The Twist

No it's not a meme.

It's what me, @nashmicaell of Nash Goes Chenelyn., and @SuperDeej of Llama's Journal decided to do, it's a scheduled game of badminton gone great haha (no no I wasn't being sarcastic, it really turned out great)

At first, we just decided to go to the YMCA badminton court, but they we're hosting a school for their P.E. classes until 4 of the afternoon, so we decided to go to rizal park and play badminton there.

it was a good walk, we chatted about our classes and whatnot, and before you know it, we're there! :) hehe, after walking, we paused some pauses and took pictures of the what i call "MACHETE STATUE" on rizal park (*chuckles* haha you know who I meant) and on the miniature design of the Philippines :).

It was really fun, surprisingly there was a red tide and some mountains being stolen (yeah, you read it right).

Imma continue the story for another blogpost, I don't want to write all of this specially tonight because I'm all tired and sleepy from all the fun stuffs :P

Friday, January 21, 2011

The girl next door, the wise man, and some Siomai!

Haha, :P sheeeeeeee's perty! :P haha.

It was a rainy night, as usual, it was hard to ride the jeepney because every single one that comes around are full, thankfully one empty jeepney decided to turn around and load all stranded passengers.

As soon as the jeep went full, we went off.

I was doing my own business (sleeping, to be precise), and when the time that I am up, I can be a pretty conceited person when in jeepneys.

I was on my stop, before stopping, the girl infront of me said..

"Hey! Didn't knew that was you!"

She was cute, specially on her corporate attire uniform >:)

She was the girl next door, to be frank, I don't even recall her name, she was that girl that never came down to play on my childhood days, come to think of it, I never knew her name, WAIT! oh there it is I remembered :P hehe, so when we got down the jeepney, I went walking faster than her, I was shy to request her to shade me with her umbrella, when she was catching onto me, I went on to the Siomai stand and made 'Buying a Siomai' an alibi for not walking with her.

I can't help it, I WAS SHY! :P

let's save the wise one for another blogpost :P bloggers intend to skip reading blogposts that are long :) hahaha.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I dozed off again!

Haha, thought this'll never happen again.

I told you guys about me dozing off in the middle of adgitizing on my last post, guess what, it happened again! haha.

I was so tired, I decided to pause clicking adgitize blogs, then I set my phone to alarm about 30 minutes after I lie down, when I woke up, poker king was already sitting infront of the computer! whaaaaaa, then my sister told me poker king got mad! haha.

I don't know if I can't keep up the pace. maybe

"you can't run the race,
the pace is too fast,
you just won't last.."


To know where that Lyrics came from :P hehe, darn they won't let embedding, too bad.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Changing routine times

Now that my classes have resumed, I now have new routine time.

I still follow the routine that "Every night Adgitize/PTC" and blogging, but seeing that I came from school physically and mentally tired, I intend to get exhausted doing my daily routines, and completely not doing it.

Then, in the morning, I'll wake up early to finish what I've not done yet, so basically I'm cramming :P haha.

Let's say I woke up 7:30, I'll do the blogging stuffs for 1 hour, haha, got 8:30 time after all is done, then i'll be preparing myself for school which takes about 1 hour (bathing, eating, etc.) then the transport time takes about 30 minutes, and classes starts at 10, you might think its balanced right?

I play after I blog, which +messes the whole thing up :P

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I hope to make it clean

The adgitize earnings board I meant.

Haha, I want to make my earning grid as clean as it can get, it means that I want to make up all the points I can get as a publisher, now that I am not an advertiser anymore. I hope for the best, I don't even look at the earnings because I want to surprise myself :P.

I only look at the earnings page at the first of the next month, I'll look at how much I earn from the previous month hehe.

For those who are still visiting this blog, I sincerely thank you :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fun game for all :P

I came across a group on FB once, it was really a live group, didn't know why it was disbanded, but there, my friend let me see some pictures, and said it was part of their online game, the game is to find something that doesn't belong or what's wrong with the picture, i'll give you one, enjoy :).

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Yeah back to school!

Oh I forgot to adgitize!

Haha, I woke up early this morning to be taga "IRON MAN" for my dad's uniform, as I iron his polo, I remember that I still haven't done my routine yet.

So I finished my ironing stuff and rushed to the computer.

And what surprise, my ad has expired :P nice timing, haha.

So I clicked a hundred + blogs :P (whoa I missed this :P)

It was actually hard, considering the fact that I got used to only clicking 50 blogs, well, maybe I could work up a routine to stop at fifty and come back later, HEY! That's a thought :P.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The adgitize experiment.

I'm going to conduct an experiment, hope you guys help me *fingers crossed.

As I noticed on adgitize, you can advertise your blog monthly, to be specific, it would be on a 30 day ad on adgitize's rotator badge, and that means a great earning for us.

Now what I am going to do is play around the days of advertising on Adgitize, I will go to the details later on, but now, seeing as I am going to not be on the rotator, I humbly request that you still visit me here at OneStopBlogz.

I will be still doing my rounds, look out on your chatboxes and comment box! :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Now I know

That's why many had problems on PTC's

I came across bloggers that we're having troubles with PTC, and I think I may know now why.

I recently went on a PTC rampage! (haha what poor choice of words) I went on registering with some PTC's and it was a blast!

Some had $0.02 per click with 20 ads per day.

Some had $3 per click with 30 ~ 40+ ads per day.

Damn these, all of these PTC sites were hosted by BuxHost, BuxHost is a site where you can buy a PTC script site for just $25, so basically anyone can start a PTC!

I just found out the $0.02 PTC is a Scam deemed by PTC-INVESTIGATION, and the $3 has its tricks up its sleeves, I cashed out $456 on my account, and what do I get? $.50 I get? $.50 in my account, wow I think what they meant by $3 was MOON DOLLARS!

This is basically why bloggers are having a hard time believing in PTC's, I am now loyal to the PTC ONBUX! the best of the best!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

PAKYAW! Pakyawin na yan! XD

I don't know how to translate that into English, haha.

Basically, Pakyaw is a tagalog word which means to buy something in bulk, or a customer just so exited that he'll buy all.

Well, someone came across my Cbox and posted a link to a website named "Pakyaw".

As curious as I am, I went in and signed up, and I was surprise what the site was giving, there's no need for investment, they actually will give you P100 pakyaw points when you signup! and given it was a site, I'll give them my trust.

I hope you guys give them yours too!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Carried away by these all new PTC's

I recently joined too many PTC's I hope I can manage them all,

if you look at my PTC's page, now you can see the "Specs" of each PTC, I made this because actually I already made a blog just for these PTC's but seeing that i'll not work, I just improved the PTC page.

I hope you guys will give a consideration and join my PTC's, I will be on know if ever some of them turns out scam (I will give special attention to the new ones)

A look at the 2 new PTC and bye fireworks

First let's wave goodbye to the fireworks :).

I was suppose to remove it right after Jan. 1, but got too carried away, haha, so I removed it today, you should see this blog as "Fireworks Free".

And now a look at the 2 new PTC's I've joined.

First up, TcBux!

Rate : 0.01
Ads per day : 10+
Ads clickable : 5

A good new site that claims paying, I suggest you join for a free pioneer mmebership!

Now, Buxona

Rate : 0.02
Ads per day : 10+
Ads clickable : 10+

A surprising site that pays, but only accepts Alertpay as Payment Processor, and you would need an investment before you can cashout.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mousepad's all dirty!

I almost forgot!

Haha, there's this site that gives away almost "FREE" Items, sometimes you won't pay for any of the fees (the item price, the shipment) but sometimes you'll only pay for the shipping fee, I found this site on "Everything's free Online" a blog where you can see all sorts of freebies the owner of the blogs have seen on the web.

I came across one of his posts where you can get a free customized mousepad.

I clicked the given link and I was redirected to "ArtsCow" a pretty neat custom item website that gives offers into customizing anything you can think of.

I customized my mousepad and put my badge on it, until now I am using it.

I got pictures of it, but I let SuperDeej of Llama's Journal get the pictures, but I forgot to tell him to upload it haha, I'll take a picture myself but the mousepad is already dirty haha, thinking of giving it a wash, but still is it safe to wash it? XD

Sunday, January 9, 2011

PTC recap! New Year, New PTC!

Its been a good year of PTC for me this past 2010, I've come to PTC's of all shapes, whether popular or small time, legit or scam, you name it! :).

This year, I've come to new PTC sites, and this is the PTC's I've joined so far, please do sign up! :) all of them have good reps (well, at least they're paying) I have confirmations that all of my PTC on the PTC sites page of mine have been paying until now, please do check it out guys!

My Goldmine! PTC sites!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The rotten egg!

Well, a title like that can only mean trouble.

It was dinner, I was eating with my father, then, when I reached out to grab a fried egg, when I pierced the yellow stuff of it, its yolk was so thin in consistency, (which regularly has thick consistency) I felt that something's different, but seeing as I am reaching out. my father grabbed the egg then put it on my plate.

I eated the egg anyway.

Now I'm paying the price.

My stomach is now upside down, I can't eat any stuff used with cooking oil with it, err, I feel so weak that I can't stand, I'm having LBM err.

But still blogging!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Comedy Friday : Legend Killers, Rick Astley, Spidey's hobo parents.

Haha, youtube never fails to amuse.

I was playing this flash game on Y3 named "The King of Fighters WING", it features some character from the hit game "King of Fighters" or known by the acronym KOF, as I play my favorite character Iori Yagami, I got curious of what's the story of their character.

I went on researching and read the whole thing, let's keep the story for another day :).

As I wasn't contented with just plain old text, I decided to find some anime of KOF, I found a great one, its "King of Fighters : Another Day", a four episode anime of the hit game that featured some main characters of the game.

It was so awesome but left me hanging for more.

So I dug deep the internet and found out there was a movie of KOF! I searched it off youtube and found some rolls along the way :).


I found this after seeing the real one, because the real one made me VERY ANGRY for some reasons, the real one was a ripoff of the legendary game KOF, the characters doesn't have any powers, they don't look like the role they were playing (Specially my idol Iori, doesn't even have any resemblance), isn't it enough they destroyed Dragonball and Tekken? err, so I preferred this funny rickroll rather than the disappointing real one.

Rickroll BTW are videos of Rick Astley of the video "Never gonna give you up"

I searhed for more rickroll, now its about spiderman 4! this is the two that made me LOL

This one, Spidey's parents are alive and hobos XD.

I can't find the other one where there were jurrasic park and Xmen on it, really funny, but the hobo parents are just as funny XD.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The GoldenVoice, TCBux, and the Comeback!

Man I've been doing some exotic titles on my blogpost, I hope my efforts won't go to waste XD.

This is a fun fact, a friend of mine gave me a link on a youtube video, it was about a homeless guy with a godgiven gift, he used to be an announcer but got high with alcohol and some other things *wink and got fired, now he said that he's been 2 years clean of those, thankfully his gift wasn't affected by those stuff

After just a few hours, the video got a whopping million hit, today, he has more job offers that he could handle, there was even a team that offered him a job and a house! here's some touching words from him at "The Early Show"

I do wish him the best, it's fun to know someone before they were famous, I didn't knew him personally, but I got to watch the video (the fist one) before all of the blessings he got.

A new PTC just opened! it has the standard rate of 0.01, and the "Pioneer" membership can be acquired for free, I do suggest you register now :)

Thanks for registering under this banner!

Oh a blogger has been M.I.A. this past few weeks, don't know who he was? he's SuperDeej of Llama's Journal / DeejSpeaks! The king of the Leaderboard of adgitize has return to regain his throne! :) haha.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

OneStopBlogz's Code of Ethics

Atlast, it's done XD.

I recently deleted a page of mine named "Video Corner" Because it doesn't have that much content, to be frank, it only had one video in it! and as I deleted the page, the symmetrical alignment of my side widgets was disrupted, so I decided to make a new page.

I don't know if this is right XD please look at my new created page Code of Ethics

For those who are lazy enough to click the link (hahaha, I know I know), here's the Code of Ethics and the other draft, the second one was the draft, the first one is what's inside my Code of Ethics page.

See the larger image on Code of Ethics

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Iori Yagami! FTW!

Iori is the best!

Iori is a character from the hit fighting game series "King of Fighters", he is a strange character that has the power of his ancestors (The Yagami Clan) that had a 600 years war with the Kusanagi CLan, his ancestors were treated as a traitor by the Kusanagi Clan after breaking a pact between them, and representing the Kusanagi Clan is Kyo Kusanagi, he is Kyo's target, he's the soul purpose that Iori lives, because Iori wants to kill Kyo once and for all.

I got lots of fave fighting game character, but this one is my childhood favorite :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

A look at the past template

Whew, I remember a saying

"Those who don't know how to look back from where they came from,
Can never get to where they want to be"

I don't know if I got that right XD.

So this blog post is to look back to OneStopBlogz's old template, here's a full screenshot of the old template..

XD, I don't know about my new template but i'm happy with it, it loads much faster, its more clear than the old one.

How about you? have you made changes to your blog>

NOTE : look at the picture, Grammatical error err hahaha

Sunday, January 2, 2011

There were dogs, new rules, and the village!

Man, I hope that title pulled you out of the Adgitize chain and read this blogpost :)

First, lets get those headaches and hangovers washed out by our "Palete Cleanser", if you watch Websoup you know what I mean. I saw this video on yahoo!, and it was really a treat.

Benefits of having a dog,
a great nanny substitute!

Now the rules I want to implement is a simple one, it will be listed on my "Blogger Code of Ethics" :) I've been planning to make one, haha, and the rule is simple..

You Comment, I Comment, You Chat, I Chat

Whenever someone responds to my blog with a comment or chat, I will gladly return the favor by doing the same to their blog, so if you comment, I will comment too on your latest post, and if you chat on my shoutbox (English / Tagalog only) I will chat too on your chatbox, if you don't have a chatbox, i'll just be dropping by :).

The Village is what i've been meaning to talk about, it's not the movie, its a new site called TagVillage, it's a new website to earn with, please do register, because it will be closed for registration after this month, or this week, I think they already closed down the registration, but please do still try, I won't blab about it here, there's a place there for all of your questions.


Hope I write like this everyday for the rest of the year :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The first post of 2011!

Hey, did you know that the date today is 1 / 1 / 11 ? :)

Last night I really had fun! Me and my father went on the mall then bought some foods to be prepared in the Newyear party, I always snag some items off the counter without telling him, and every time he looks at the basket, he makes a face and removes the item on the basket, I always make him do that face XD.

After that, it's a habit to eat after shopping, so we went to the Pizza hut stand that offers 2 slices for the price of 1, well, almost. sadly the pizza was 15 minutes late, so I pulled him into jollibee! JAM BI JAM BI! then, I always order the supermeal with a macaroni soup on the side, but he said to me to not get full yet, because we'll be eating again later on the night, so we ordered..


We were given the drinks and fries, but we were asked to wait for the champ, so we ate the fries first, when we finished the fries, the champ came. ERR it was big! I urged him to eat the tomatoes, surprisingly, my dad doesn't like tomatoes, when I wasn't looking, he removed the intsy bits of tomatoes left on his chamo, haha, (Is it just me or the tables were turned?)

That night, my dad and I made a graham cake, what was in it?
~Stick O's
~Rebisco Ultimate Choco
~Nescafe 3 in 1 Coffee powder

All of that was my Idea haha, it was fun making it with my dad.

Minutes before newyear's eve we climbed up the rooftop to enjoy the free show, there were all kinds of fireworks, our street only knows how to use firecrackers XD.

The firecracker smokes came up and blurred the sky.. it was all smoke.. but! it was all set for the fireworks battling out each other!

All 360 degrees wherever you look, you can find a treat :) one of the benefits on having a rooftop :)