Thursday, July 7, 2011

Choppy Hours of Sleep

The last thing I'd want!

Last night my dad came home with some cookies, it was those cookies that has raisins in it, I hate raisins, but seeing as it is a cookie, the category of it being a cookie values more than the raisins, hehe, so I munched and gobbled up one, its big, like, measure of a mouse (the one we use on computers) only circular, that's how big the cookie was.

After I ate the cookie, I watched my dad play poker, then went to sleep.

I fell asleep 1'O-clock in the morning, and surprisingly woke up at 4, I went downstairs to find my cousin hogging up the bathroom, which ticked me off, well, that time, a drop of a plastic glass could tick me off, I waited about half an hour just to use the bathroom!

After going to the bathroom, I tried to sleep again.

I slept at 5'O-clock, and woke up at 9.

Poker King was at his throne early in the morning! I continued my venture.

Slept half past 9, woke up half past 11.

Well, that's the worst sleeping experience I had yet, moral of the story?.. hmm.. Don't eat cookies WITHOUT MILK! Hmp! hahaha :)


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