Monday, July 18, 2011

Honey and Clover! A Must-Watch

This anime is sooooo cool!

I remember when I was on my highschool days, I used to watch this anime just for the jokes, but now, as I rewatched the whole thing, I now learned that this anime has more than it's bubbly characters and funny jokes.

The story of the main character, Yuuta, a College student that went to the main city, tokyo, to study architecture in an arts school, and there he met Hagu, a gifted petite girl that is capable of making epic art. as the story goes, it shows that Yuuta fell in love with Hagu in first sight, but as the story goes deeper and deeper, it shows the life of Yuuta, which I can really appreciate and relate to, not knowing what's his place in the world.

As the story unfolds, some great sidestory are told too, like shinobu's weird life, Takumi's complicated love story, and ayumi's one sided love story.

This anime would surely pinch your heart until you cry, as I read a review about this anime, it says

It can MAKE or BREAK you

Give it a chance! I promise you won't be wasting your time :)


my first time to know about them wala hilig sa anime eh i'm hooked with asian series :)

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