Sunday, July 3, 2011

Helping out to repay the debt..

As the quarrel continues, I was kept in between the two sides..

Late at night, my father came in, I always do what I do, ask him for a burger, but he said that my mom took the money so we can't buy burgers for now.

As we three gather 'round the desktop, they talked about their debts and savings, at first their tone was just "im joking", until they kept on arguing and arguing until the tone changes, the atmosphere, unbreathable, It was rare to see them fight, and I was the one causing the fight, well, I think so, cause it was about my schooling, my needs and whatnot.

I told my mom to take a nap, and my father was left on the computer, as I was gazing up the ceiling, thinking "we were never like this back then", I swore, I swore, the moment that I hopefully graduate, I would do, with all my might, to earn money! I'm saying a pool of money! A waterfall of money! but in order to do that, I must first change myself.

I want to earn.. I want to be rich.. so that this kind of nights would never happen to the two of the most sweetest and loving persons in the world..


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