Saturday, July 2, 2011

A part of the fishbone

Well, in most cartoons, where would be a fishbone at??

Fishbones usually gets stuck in some cartoon character's throat, and they'd choke to death, well they don't die, they just get to the verge of dying, and they'l do what it takes to remove that fishbone at their throat.

I was literally choked by a fishbone (not the whole fishbone body thing) when I was cooking Tilapia with my cousin, we only half-cooked the forsaken fish that's why I didn't notice the fishbone, we tried all sorts of things to take it off, it was budged in horizontally, I still remember the pain, I drank lots of water, ate a lot of banana, until my mom decided to pull it out herself, and.. POOF! it was gone! haha.

The feeling right there.. The feeling of relief.. The feeling that something horrible just ended.. I just felt something like that now, but I know, the fight's just about to start! I hope I can pull this through, and all groups as well, Just have a strong faith and don't forget to talk to him and everything will be alright :)


I always wonder why people use water and banana when there's something stuck in their throat especially fishbone and old folks will advice you to find a cat and let them scratch it. Funny how old folks do the tricks.

BTW, I moved my medical/health/safety blog in WP self hosted.

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