Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hectic Schedule bumps out Routine!

I have a routine, and my schedule is kicking my routine to the back! XD

I have a pretty unique routine when it comes to blogging, I practiced myself waking up 11:00am (yeah I know it's not healthy) then go straight to the computer to blog, I chose this time cause I'd be busy during the day and be tired at night, but as you can see, I too have some things to do in the morning, so.. leaving my routine unpracticed.

I decided to move my routine to a much more daring time, I'll be blogging at night time, and having troublesome classmates, I always have a 50/50 chance of going home at night, because sometimes we go out late at night and I'll end up getting home at midnight.

Argh!! and I have to practice a good blogging habit! having blogpost with lots and lots of substance, cause I'll be taking up blog reviews, hmm, oh can you guys help me? just answer this one question.

"Cause I'll be writing blog reviews, should I use "highfalutin" words on writing my reviews?"

Thanks for leavin a comment :)


It is not really essential same as to conversing with the "real" world. Try to write normally. There's my 2 cents. ;)

i do my blogging in the morning pagkagising sa umaga...i write my article and after that adgitizing

you will be doing blog review that's nice, review mo blog ko ha...hahaha

as deej said just use simple words to understand

Where have you been all this time? LOL I'm seeing you are active in June and July so why it's just now you visited my blog? Oh well, welcome back to the blogosphere. You might be better off with commenting on my other blog candidtreats because it's more about personal and social issues.

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