Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Earning Online

Hmm.. now that my trusted PTC site went down in smokes (Onbux), I don't have that "Clicky Clicky" anymore.

Yes I have a clixsense account, oh, that reminds me, if you have a clixsense account please leave a comment here, specially if you don't know about "Clixsense Philippines" and I'll help you get referrals :).

Even though I have a clixsense account, having a PTC site is still a different case for me.

If you know a PTC site that's really stable, please let me know, but don't tell me about the other bux (Neobux).

And if you guys know other earning sites online, I'd be happy to be your referral if your the first one to tell me about it :)


I have no PTC na eh right now i'm concentrating in paid to post pero wala rin masyado work :(

I really appreciate you for this nice post. According to the type of online affiliate marketing you get a lot of sales from other people telling your potential customers about your particular goods.

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