Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Affiliate and PTC all in one?

Yes! it's true! and most of all, it's legit!

We have seen PTC's come and go, some went on with a flash, some with a bang, and some came smoking down, but this one deserves to be mentioned, but not to be wronged, it's still running and going strong! 4 years strong!

No. it's not NeoBux, it's Clixsense!

This wonderful PTC site offers clickers all the advertiser's ads, literally every second there's an ad, so you would really earn! and when you download their FireFox toolbar, you can see if there are newly fresh ads!

But the earning doesn't stop there! yes PTC's have referral commissions, but in Clixsense, they have innovated the way we earn from referrals! it's 8 Levels deep! when you upgrade your account, you can reach the 8 level deep earnings! and when they upgrade, you get commissions too!

But wait, there's more!

Filipinos are very resourceful when it comes to things like this, so.. they made Clixsense Team PH! Yeah you heard it right! we filipinos have our own team!

Here's the deal with Clixsense Team PH.

-They Manage Your Registration
-They Make "Credit Card Withdrawal" Possible
-They Come up with all sorts of earning strategy
-They Manage the Referral Tree
-They Give away FREE (yes you heard me) FREE Referrals!

When you want to join Clixsense, Please Contact me here so we can register you under the team! with just a $16, you would be given a "PREMIUM" Clixsense account! and aligned to the referral tree!

It's a small price to pay to get the opportunity to EARN BIG! :)


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