Sunday, July 31, 2011

Behind the Lights : Was "Onbux" Ever a SCAM?

I know it's scammed, but when you think at it this way..

PTC's today have been using the priority service of the new payment processor "AlertPay", it's really a nifty competitor for "PayPal", but why are this emerging PTC using AP instead of PP?

As I ventured off the world wide web, I found out that PP, being a partner of Ebay (both are big-a$$ company) is really strict on their rules, that's why many PTC's close down because of their PP accounts being frozen.

Whereas to AP, having not that strict of a rule, and having low or almost NONE "Transaction Fee" compared to percentage-based Fee of PP, I may have seen a new light to Onbux's great downfall.

Onbux never missed a payment on my account, except my last transaction..

My friend's funds came down with Onbux itself.. And I'm to blame.. BAH!

So.. Was Onbux LEGIT from the start? Was PP the cause of the great fire on Onbux?


Graduate na ata ako sa PTC i think couple of months ago na ako hndi active. I saw in other blog regarding this post asking if onbux is scam na nga raw.

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