Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Battle of the Detectives! Never underestimate sleep

I almost died, well, im exaggerating :P

Yesterday, I went to school knowing im coming down with a cold and a fever, but I pushed myself to the limit, after school my friends said that they'll go to my house, which I don't want to 'cuz I just want to sleep, and I could never do that when they're here, so I changed the tables and insisted that we go to my other classmate's house.

Our teams were split into two. the one who'll go to my house (they insisted we go there) and the one going to our other friends house, the owner of the house were on the other group hahaha, so its like this

Team A and Team B

TEAM A has the member which owns the house targeted by TEAM B

TEAM B has the member which owns the house targeted by TEAM A

Haha, so we were on our respective targeted houses, but without the owner, no team couldn't get into the houses, so our team texted bluffs to team B and lured them into coming to their house, we bluffed and bluffed for hours, we told them we'll be going to another house, and they'll catch on, but the route they'll take will lead them to the targeted house, which we successfully did, we won! but team B isn't magnanimous in defeat, they went to kill some time in some convenient store and left us out on the freezing cold.

I started to feel my fever acting up, my eyes.. burning, my feet.. burning, my neck was surprisingly frozen cold, so we decided to go to our own houses to call it a night.

I'll never forget what team B did to us.

After I got home, I went straight to the hay, when I woke up, I woke up 5 times, haha cuz I dream't I woke up over and over again and did some things that I couldn't believe, so when I finally woke up, I was surprised I was feeling a million bucks! :)

Thanks to that sleep! :) I really needed that :)


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