Wednesday, July 6, 2011

♫Your the Deer in the HeadLIGHTS♫

This is one of my favorite bands in the world!

Owl City had it's first debut when its song "Fireflies" went on the air and spread like a wildfire in the whole world, but after then, when he released "Vanilla Twilight", it wasn't as big as fireflies, so Owl City had some hard time getting exposure after fireflies.

I searched Owl City's other songs and I wasn't disappointed, well, I was disappointed but not of their song, but because they're underrated, songs from Justin Bieber rose to the top with just putting words and repeating them over and over again, compared to Owl City's song, Owl City's much more meaningful. I love Owl City cause he puts his life and soul to his music, the most creative singer I've heard.

I kept saying Owl City.. the singer's name is Adam Young :) Here he is in the music video of his song "Deer in the Headlights".

There's a hidden message in the song, I did my research :) let's see if you can see it with the LIGHTS on :)

Please just listen to this song at least one time! I'm sure you won't regret it :)


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