Monday, July 4, 2011

I have a Gecko!

Hehe, I have a Gecko!

I woke up earlier than usual, I was feeling so down and can't stand up, so when I stood up, everything was like *WhooosH* *SwooooosH* 'cuz all were like shaking, hehe, and I was feeling hot (no, not that hot, the "I have a fever" hot), then when I got down, I told my mom and she told me to take some medicine before it gets worse.

When I was eating my breakfast, my aunt intrude with some news.

Have you seen the Gecko?

I was like *What?* then she pulled out a can of stick-o's and inside it was a cute black gecko! hehe, it was climbing up the can of stick-o's, my aunt told me they were popular on the medical industry, but my favorite part is what my aunt told me..

"It goes To-Koooo To-Koooo"

Haha, I can imagine what that would sound like :P


Tee hee hee, the gecko on that pic looks like a nasty croc to me. :)

nyaiks! not so much of a fan of those heheh

anyways im your newest follower :)

woohooo congrats..that will give you a lot. take good care of it first. be sure to feed it well.

I want one! Inggit ako!!! T_T huhuhu...

mahal daw yan kapag binenta ah, kasi ginagamit for medical purposes like in china they uses it to cure tumors and asthma

Is that gonna be your pet or you will use it as your med?

Parang creepy and icky.

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