Sunday, July 10, 2011

Running out of Gadgets

As a techie person, this isn't good.

PXP 900
*Immitation MP5 of PSP
*Used for Video and Audio Playing
*Needs reprogram T_T

Nokia 7390
*Just Picked up phone that I took care of
*Used for Gaming, Texting, and other apps
*Ripped the Ribbon when was replacing housing :(

Whaaaa! They're not that high class, but I love these gadgets, and now im left with nothing but my..

Nokia 1100
*Used for Texting
*Been dropped a hundred times
*Seems like new

It's not that I hate this phone, but as you can see, the features.. well.. hahaha.


I bought mp5 for my daughter but i'm the one using it, i found out that i can transfer video so i'm the one who enjoy the most with that gadget.

anu nangyre sa angry birdsssss!!!! O_O balik 1100 ka? XD HAHA!

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