Saturday, January 29, 2011



I AM SO MAD OF YOU! but i won't let a good day be ruin by you you old hag! eff, STOP STICKING YOUR NOSE INTO EVERYTHING! I AM SICK AND TIRED OF IT, sure things that others does isn't as it should be, but doesn't mean they're unethical, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS YOU F*GG*T.

I'm sorry for the terms that has and will be used in this blog post, I am soo mad of this man that claims he's a know it all goodie two shoes, hope he gets hiccups and coughs while I write this blogpost down, I am so mad that he can't stop musing other people's faults and mischeifs, FOR THE LOVE OF.. IT AINT HURTING NOBODY! SO WHY CRY TO HIM LIKE A BABY!?!? mygosh, WHAT A WEEN*R.

This is so unlikely of me, I rarely get mad at people like this, specially those who I don't know too much, but speaking of too much, HE'S TOO MUCH! I'LL EFFIN.. ohh don't get me started on what I want to do to him right now, OOOOOOOOOOO SO MAD! X(


For all of my blogger friends and visitors, I deeply apologize for this blogpost, I really just needed to blow off some steam :(

This post and what just happened just sucked all of my blogging fuel (of what's left of it), I don't know if I'll be posting again after this blogpost, so, if ever..

Goodbye everyone, it's been a blast, maybe I'll be back after some time thinking.


oh no! what is this, of course we want to see you post again here. So don't say that this would be the last post ok will give you time to think and i hope everything will be fine again.

oh why! Just calm down. Always remember You can't please everybody...kung sino man sya, wag mo na lang pansin kung kaya mo...umiwas ka lang sa kanya at magpalamig ka...pag magaan na ang pakiramdamdam mo, bumalik ka dito. mas marami pang matutuwa sa yo kung andito ka nag ba-blog.

hahaha... :D
I knew that you will react and will be angry at that post in (you know where). Hey, don't mind that old f*** I also don't visit his blog whenever I'm adgitizing. He's such a pakialamero hehehe...

Oppps, it seems I am missing something..hey cool down bro! It's okay to release your emotions this is your own blog anyway..hehe

Hope you feel better soon!

Let me know who's this. so i will not visit his blog too.

don't mind people who are (*&(*^$@#$#$%&%^$$^@#$! just waste of your time and energy.

i'll be dropping more donuts and love here... please come back soon...:-)

I just read an article regarding stress and venting it out is one of the best thing that you should to to eliminate it in your system. LOL

You are just so funny especially with your comment in my blog. LOL

LOL What in the world you got into?

And what's your nemesis' link? I'd care give him a visit just to see what's going on you young lads. Come on cheer up.

BTW, what is up with tagvillage? I scoured your previous comments on my blog and I almost forgot about that site you mentioned.

Don't forget count 1 - 10 and breathe deeply. That might help. =)

Well, whatever it is goodluck to your soul-searching.

HAHA! eto ba ung cnasabi mo sakin? Oh boy...... Take it easy. Just reminisce our Star City experience. :D hihi...

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