Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Changing routine times

Now that my classes have resumed, I now have new routine time.

I still follow the routine that "Every night Adgitize/PTC" and blogging, but seeing that I came from school physically and mentally tired, I intend to get exhausted doing my daily routines, and completely not doing it.

Then, in the morning, I'll wake up early to finish what I've not done yet, so basically I'm cramming :P haha.

Let's say I woke up 7:30, I'll do the blogging stuffs for 1 hour, haha, got 8:30 time after all is done, then i'll be preparing myself for school which takes about 1 hour (bathing, eating, etc.) then the transport time takes about 30 minutes, and classes starts at 10, you might think its balanced right?

I play after I blog, which +messes the whole thing up :P


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