Monday, January 10, 2011

Mousepad's all dirty!

I almost forgot!

Haha, there's this site that gives away almost "FREE" Items, sometimes you won't pay for any of the fees (the item price, the shipment) but sometimes you'll only pay for the shipping fee, I found this site on "Everything's free Online" a blog where you can see all sorts of freebies the owner of the blogs have seen on the web.

I came across one of his posts where you can get a free customized mousepad.

I clicked the given link and I was redirected to "ArtsCow" a pretty neat custom item website that gives offers into customizing anything you can think of.

I customized my mousepad and put my badge on it, until now I am using it.

I got pictures of it, but I let SuperDeej of Llama's Journal get the pictures, but I forgot to tell him to upload it haha, I'll take a picture myself but the mousepad is already dirty haha, thinking of giving it a wash, but still is it safe to wash it? XD


LMAO! The photos are still on my phone. Tell me if you still want it. :p

So you mean it's all for free including shipping? What's the site?

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