Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sporty Saturday Part 1 : The Twist

No it's not a meme.

It's what me, @nashmicaell of Nash Goes Chenelyn., and @SuperDeej of Llama's Journal decided to do, it's a scheduled game of badminton gone great haha (no no I wasn't being sarcastic, it really turned out great)

At first, we just decided to go to the YMCA badminton court, but they we're hosting a school for their P.E. classes until 4 of the afternoon, so we decided to go to rizal park and play badminton there.

it was a good walk, we chatted about our classes and whatnot, and before you know it, we're there! :) hehe, after walking, we paused some pauses and took pictures of the what i call "MACHETE STATUE" on rizal park (*chuckles* haha you know who I meant) and on the miniature design of the Philippines :).

It was really fun, surprisingly there was a red tide and some mountains being stolen (yeah, you read it right).

Imma continue the story for another blogpost, I don't want to write all of this specially tonight because I'm all tired and sleepy from all the fun stuffs :P


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buddy buddy tlga kayo nila nash at deej no .. waiting for the cont.. of your blog, heheh..

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