Sunday, January 16, 2011

Yeah back to school!

Oh I forgot to adgitize!

Haha, I woke up early this morning to be taga "IRON MAN" for my dad's uniform, as I iron his polo, I remember that I still haven't done my routine yet.

So I finished my ironing stuff and rushed to the computer.

And what surprise, my ad has expired :P nice timing, haha.

So I clicked a hundred + blogs :P (whoa I missed this :P)

It was actually hard, considering the fact that I got used to only clicking 50 blogs, well, maybe I could work up a routine to stop at fifty and come back later, HEY! That's a thought :P.


Hi there. How's the money-making venture so far? =)

wow, iron man bait naman .. anyway, i still don't know if buxess is legit but i hope so .. i will back to you if i cash out and be my referral ok hehe ..

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