Friday, January 7, 2011

Comedy Friday : Legend Killers, Rick Astley, Spidey's hobo parents.

Haha, youtube never fails to amuse.

I was playing this flash game on Y3 named "The King of Fighters WING", it features some character from the hit game "King of Fighters" or known by the acronym KOF, as I play my favorite character Iori Yagami, I got curious of what's the story of their character.

I went on researching and read the whole thing, let's keep the story for another day :).

As I wasn't contented with just plain old text, I decided to find some anime of KOF, I found a great one, its "King of Fighters : Another Day", a four episode anime of the hit game that featured some main characters of the game.

It was so awesome but left me hanging for more.

So I dug deep the internet and found out there was a movie of KOF! I searched it off youtube and found some rolls along the way :).


I found this after seeing the real one, because the real one made me VERY ANGRY for some reasons, the real one was a ripoff of the legendary game KOF, the characters doesn't have any powers, they don't look like the role they were playing (Specially my idol Iori, doesn't even have any resemblance), isn't it enough they destroyed Dragonball and Tekken? err, so I preferred this funny rickroll rather than the disappointing real one.

Rickroll BTW are videos of Rick Astley of the video "Never gonna give you up"

I searhed for more rickroll, now its about spiderman 4! this is the two that made me LOL

This one, Spidey's parents are alive and hobos XD.

I can't find the other one where there were jurrasic park and Xmen on it, really funny, but the hobo parents are just as funny XD.


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