Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A look at the 2 new PTC and bye fireworks

First let's wave goodbye to the fireworks :).

I was suppose to remove it right after Jan. 1, but got too carried away, haha, so I removed it today, you should see this blog as "Fireworks Free".

And now a look at the 2 new PTC's I've joined.

First up, TcBux!

Rate : 0.01
Ads per day : 10+
Ads clickable : 5

A good new site that claims paying, I suggest you join for a free pioneer mmebership!

Now, Buxona

Rate : 0.02
Ads per day : 10+
Ads clickable : 10+

A surprising site that pays, but only accepts Alertpay as Payment Processor, and you would need an investment before you can cashout.


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