Monday, January 24, 2011

Sporty Saturday Part 3 : Waiting..

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After playing badminton, I requested that we hit the showers first, but sadly, there's no shower, aww, but hey there's still a sink, that's good! but well look at that, a strict guard won't let me borrow a Tabo sad, so I had to improvise :P.

Whoever heard of a C.R. that forbids you to wash your feet?

After that, I managed to remove that aura of mine haha, then we headed off to Jabi! (Jolibee) jabi jabi!

We took our seats and decided on our orders, deej and I went on the line while nash kept watch on the table for us.

Deej and I decided to line up with this old woman, she was asking the counter many things, I didn't evesdrop on them because I thought it'll be only for awhile, to my surprise, deej and I were standing for almost 20 minutes! haha maybe I'm exagerating but it sure feel 20 minutes, our legs are getting numb, I decided to line up at the next line, to my luck the old woman's orders were taken to her table, then it was deej's turn on the counter, and me on the other line :P

We sat down, said our prayers, and ate our meal.

We chatted for awhile where to go next after eating, I was spooked out by the urban legend that I believe was real, how could it not be? even an actor said that she had experience with that, well let's just say that it's about a modern Medusa.


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