Friday, January 21, 2011

The girl next door, the wise man, and some Siomai!

Haha, :P sheeeeeeee's perty! :P haha.

It was a rainy night, as usual, it was hard to ride the jeepney because every single one that comes around are full, thankfully one empty jeepney decided to turn around and load all stranded passengers.

As soon as the jeep went full, we went off.

I was doing my own business (sleeping, to be precise), and when the time that I am up, I can be a pretty conceited person when in jeepneys.

I was on my stop, before stopping, the girl infront of me said..

"Hey! Didn't knew that was you!"

She was cute, specially on her corporate attire uniform >:)

She was the girl next door, to be frank, I don't even recall her name, she was that girl that never came down to play on my childhood days, come to think of it, I never knew her name, WAIT! oh there it is I remembered :P hehe, so when we got down the jeepney, I went walking faster than her, I was shy to request her to shade me with her umbrella, when she was catching onto me, I went on to the Siomai stand and made 'Buying a Siomai' an alibi for not walking with her.

I can't help it, I WAS SHY! :P

let's save the wise one for another blogpost :P bloggers intend to skip reading blogposts that are long :) hahaha.


waaaaaaaaaa bitinnnnnn!!! para namang telenovela...okay, i'll watch for the continuation..hehe

haha! oo nga bitin! Super shy ka pala :))

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