Thursday, January 13, 2011

Now I know

That's why many had problems on PTC's

I came across bloggers that we're having troubles with PTC, and I think I may know now why.

I recently went on a PTC rampage! (haha what poor choice of words) I went on registering with some PTC's and it was a blast!

Some had $0.02 per click with 20 ads per day.

Some had $3 per click with 30 ~ 40+ ads per day.

Damn these, all of these PTC sites were hosted by BuxHost, BuxHost is a site where you can buy a PTC script site for just $25, so basically anyone can start a PTC!

I just found out the $0.02 PTC is a Scam deemed by PTC-INVESTIGATION, and the $3 has its tricks up its sleeves, I cashed out $456 on my account, and what do I get? $.50 I get? $.50 in my account, wow I think what they meant by $3 was MOON DOLLARS!

This is basically why bloggers are having a hard time believing in PTC's, I am now loyal to the PTC ONBUX! the best of the best!


its true, onbux is great!
sama mo rin ang neobux sa list mo...

Haha, @Lee, they are only for those whose great at getting direct referrals, because when you're going to rent, don't think about earning!

Im talking about the NEO haha, but On? yeah you'll earn! :)

Ako, onbux at neobux din .. pero trying my luck on buxess too :)

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