Sunday, January 2, 2011

There were dogs, new rules, and the village!

Man, I hope that title pulled you out of the Adgitize chain and read this blogpost :)

First, lets get those headaches and hangovers washed out by our "Palete Cleanser", if you watch Websoup you know what I mean. I saw this video on yahoo!, and it was really a treat.

Benefits of having a dog,
a great nanny substitute!

Now the rules I want to implement is a simple one, it will be listed on my "Blogger Code of Ethics" :) I've been planning to make one, haha, and the rule is simple..

You Comment, I Comment, You Chat, I Chat

Whenever someone responds to my blog with a comment or chat, I will gladly return the favor by doing the same to their blog, so if you comment, I will comment too on your latest post, and if you chat on my shoutbox (English / Tagalog only) I will chat too on your chatbox, if you don't have a chatbox, i'll just be dropping by :).

The Village is what i've been meaning to talk about, it's not the movie, its a new site called TagVillage, it's a new website to earn with, please do register, because it will be closed for registration after this month, or this week, I think they already closed down the registration, but please do still try, I won't blab about it here, there's a place there for all of your questions.


Hope I write like this everyday for the rest of the year :)


new rules rock!

oh, by the way, please help me win a contest, just need ur click:
and thanks in advance :)

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