Saturday, January 1, 2011

The first post of 2011!

Hey, did you know that the date today is 1 / 1 / 11 ? :)

Last night I really had fun! Me and my father went on the mall then bought some foods to be prepared in the Newyear party, I always snag some items off the counter without telling him, and every time he looks at the basket, he makes a face and removes the item on the basket, I always make him do that face XD.

After that, it's a habit to eat after shopping, so we went to the Pizza hut stand that offers 2 slices for the price of 1, well, almost. sadly the pizza was 15 minutes late, so I pulled him into jollibee! JAM BI JAM BI! then, I always order the supermeal with a macaroni soup on the side, but he said to me to not get full yet, because we'll be eating again later on the night, so we ordered..


We were given the drinks and fries, but we were asked to wait for the champ, so we ate the fries first, when we finished the fries, the champ came. ERR it was big! I urged him to eat the tomatoes, surprisingly, my dad doesn't like tomatoes, when I wasn't looking, he removed the intsy bits of tomatoes left on his chamo, haha, (Is it just me or the tables were turned?)

That night, my dad and I made a graham cake, what was in it?
~Stick O's
~Rebisco Ultimate Choco
~Nescafe 3 in 1 Coffee powder

All of that was my Idea haha, it was fun making it with my dad.

Minutes before newyear's eve we climbed up the rooftop to enjoy the free show, there were all kinds of fireworks, our street only knows how to use firecrackers XD.

The firecracker smokes came up and blurred the sky.. it was all smoke.. but! it was all set for the fireworks battling out each other!

All 360 degrees wherever you look, you can find a treat :) one of the benefits on having a rooftop :)


wow .. galing naman father and son ang nag prepared ng handa .. Happy new year .. ang cute ng fireworks display mo .. san mo nakuha kaso late na ako haha new look pala ang blog mo, nice one ..Happy new year ulit.

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