Thursday, January 6, 2011

The GoldenVoice, TCBux, and the Comeback!

Man I've been doing some exotic titles on my blogpost, I hope my efforts won't go to waste XD.

This is a fun fact, a friend of mine gave me a link on a youtube video, it was about a homeless guy with a godgiven gift, he used to be an announcer but got high with alcohol and some other things *wink and got fired, now he said that he's been 2 years clean of those, thankfully his gift wasn't affected by those stuff

After just a few hours, the video got a whopping million hit, today, he has more job offers that he could handle, there was even a team that offered him a job and a house! here's some touching words from him at "The Early Show"

I do wish him the best, it's fun to know someone before they were famous, I didn't knew him personally, but I got to watch the video (the fist one) before all of the blessings he got.

A new PTC just opened! it has the standard rate of 0.01, and the "Pioneer" membership can be acquired for free, I do suggest you register now :)

Thanks for registering under this banner!

Oh a blogger has been M.I.A. this past few weeks, don't know who he was? he's SuperDeej of Llama's Journal / DeejSpeaks! The king of the Leaderboard of adgitize has return to regain his throne! :) haha.


Thanks for the welcome Ced! Na-feel ko lalo ang welcome mo with matching fireworks sa screen. :D I hope ma-regain ko pa yung top position. hihi

ang ganda nga ng boses .. By the way i saw deej blog bat lately ko n lang sya nakikita .. Anyway, cute ba yon santa namin hehe..

My account kba sa alertpay?

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