Sunday, January 9, 2011

PTC recap! New Year, New PTC!

Its been a good year of PTC for me this past 2010, I've come to PTC's of all shapes, whether popular or small time, legit or scam, you name it! :).

This year, I've come to new PTC sites, and this is the PTC's I've joined so far, please do sign up! :) all of them have good reps (well, at least they're paying) I have confirmations that all of my PTC on the PTC sites page of mine have been paying until now, please do check it out guys!

My Goldmine! PTC sites!


Hahaha, you are a PTC addict. I totally get rid of it now but I admire your tenacity in doing PTC.

good for you if di ka pa na scam..I did it before pero wa pay ang PTC site so tumigil na ako..hehe

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