Saturday, January 8, 2011

The rotten egg!

Well, a title like that can only mean trouble.

It was dinner, I was eating with my father, then, when I reached out to grab a fried egg, when I pierced the yellow stuff of it, its yolk was so thin in consistency, (which regularly has thick consistency) I felt that something's different, but seeing as I am reaching out. my father grabbed the egg then put it on my plate.

I eated the egg anyway.

Now I'm paying the price.

My stomach is now upside down, I can't eat any stuff used with cooking oil with it, err, I feel so weak that I can't stand, I'm having LBM err.

But still blogging!


oh im so sorry, favorite place to hang out mo pala ngayon ang toilet..joke.

Hope you're okay now. Add na kita, wag ka ng umiyak, busy lang ang lola hehe

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