Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sporty Saturday Part 2 : We're walking and walking and walking..

Yeah before we start, I would like to thank Nash from Nash Goes Chenelyn for the invites to the facemonitor haha, she knows what that was :)

Yeah, last time I stopped on the miniature design of the Philippine islands.

After that, we walked in search for a good spot to play badminton, here's out checklist of what we would like the spot to be.

1.Not much people
2.At least a shade
3.No breeze
4.and lastly FREE! :)

We found some great finds having these standards, we even went for a stop in this public theater like place, Nash said that the staffs of Rizal park sometimes holds a stageplay for free, we took pictures and decided to make something out if it hehe :) I'll post it here too! before heading out, I saw deej picking up leaves, to my surprise, it spin in midair as deej threw them uphigh! it was "Nature's Toy" so I say, haha.

Then again, we walked.

We decided to go further, I think we went on Quirino grandstand by walking further, there, you can see many buses crowding the side of the grandstand! we found an icecream vendor on the side walk *ka-ching! then we tried playing on the grass there, but all of our checklist's attributes were not met there, there was breeze, the crowding people are ok but the breeze kept us from playing the game.

So we decided to go back to our great finds back at Rizal park.

When we got back we decided to took the place at the end of the road on a sidewalk, perfect! no breeze, no crowds, just us! so there we played the exiting game of badminton, whoo really worked up a sweat.


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