Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bloggers now distrust PTC sites, a cute blogger, and free stuffs!

Is it just me? or there's no more blogger that goes for PTC sites?

Ever since the PTC incident, to be specific, the Onbux incident, I haven't seen any Blogpost about PTC, but maybe it's all in my head, or I ain't looking in the right place, but yeah there's not that much good PTC's spreaded in the net, I don't blame others for distrusting PTC's, I too would be traumatized if betrayed by my trusted PTC site.

Well, enough of the bad stuff, the good stuff is, I found a Kawaii Blogger! hihi, Cedngasngu has his childish crushes too you know! hehe, I remember her blog being pink, and she's an I.T. Student, well, I hope she reads this, *waves *winks

And I found some sites that's worth visiting hehe, I'll post of this FREE STUFF SITES on some other day :P


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