Sunday, June 5, 2011

Responsibility.. The Comeback of OneStopBlog

Hello Blogosphere? Remember Me? . . . . . Guess not.

Hello, I'll formally introduce myself, I'm Cedngasngu of OneStopBlog. This blog used to be active, but for some unmentionable reason, I stopped and lost my passion, thinking that a fellow countrymen would do such a thing, but I realized that I'm the one losing when I told myself to stop.

So now, I'll go back to blogging again. I humbly knock on your blogging doors to open up again to OneStopBlogs.

As of now, I see my blog as a homeless child because of an alexa rank this high.

And the other blogs are home that I'm knocking into.

I hope for those who I knock to. for those with a good home to take me in. I will appreciate all help given to me warmheartedly :)

I look forward to blogging with all of you again :)


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