Saturday, June 25, 2011

Blah Blah Blah says Cedngasngu

Haha, I've been going at it again and again, but my words are as empty as a void.

I said it a hundred times that i'll be coming back, but after that day, the next day i'd be doing other things, forgetting of what i blabbered about in my blog and in adgitize.

Now that I have a far more workable workstation, I ask myself why am I still slacking off compared to the old times when my workstation was.. well.. its not that hard to work with.. well lets just say not like what it is now, back then, I was energized and far more active than what i am doing now.

After the Adgtize Cashout on july.. I'll surely come back..

Watch out Adgitize! :)


Nyah! Welcome back!

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