Saturday, March 19, 2011

199'th post, Unstable Sites, Bidding, and a Comeback

I said a mouthful! hahaha.

I haven't blogged for a while, I don't know why, well, for one reason, my subjects are getting harder and harder, and I just simply had no time to spare.

When I'm at my computer, I'm either researching or playing games that I forgot to blog, (yes, I do prioritize gaming than blogging, joke ^^V)

But for Deej of Llama's Journal I was surprised that he can juggle schoolwork and blogging at the same time! My hat's off to you Deej! :)

Something urged me into blogging, it's this sites that I've previously encountered, they're as Unstable than a boat being rocked in the middle of a whirlpool.

These sites are..


I was surprised by the changes that took effect on these sites. rates, rules, legitimacy, all were being bent to their extent, either for good or bad, for better or for worse.

It's all too risky, and as I bid on eBay on auction PSP's, I have no more source of income, seeing as it is that the sites I've trusted apparently deceived others, and my fuel at ToneADay has run dry, (because of being neglected, my ranks dropped to 600 / 249 which at my theory the 249 are those members who are being paid, correct me if I'm wrong) I don't know where to look for new sources of income, my friend nash from nash goes chennelyn tried prep talk into fueling me on ToneADay, thanks.

I have one last resort, coming back to the "I SWEAR NOT TO COME BACK" site, you'll know what I mean when you see me there, then, using the ranks that it gives, I'll go to the uncharted world of "Paid Reviews" which I am new to.

Well, that's my update :P


hey, you getting back online? on regular basis?

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