Friday, December 10, 2010

Forgot to post

I sadly forgot to post last night.

We know what this means to my adgitize account, a pretty stupid thing I did, I forgot the post, but I finished clicking and posting on the forums, which makes it very frustrating.

I wished I had a device or an application of some sort on my computer which can serve as my "To do List", I wish it would remind me that I forgot to do the things that's scheduled to be done, specially when I'm going to shut the computer down, it would popup and say..

"Wait, you forgot to do , are you sure you want to shut down?"

Hehe, I wish someone could've thought of doing an application or a device like this.

But then again, there's such a thing that we call "Sticky Notes" the one that you stick in your monitor XD


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Thanks 'tol...hehe

enjoy your weekend.

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