Sunday, December 26, 2010

Step Three, The Rush

Hey everyone! Saw the snows here on my blog? Try moving your mouse around :)

So we went home after buying the props for our performance, as we took time to find the booth, we paid the price on being left out of the meeting spot, when I got home, I received a text message that goes like this..

Ced, Well go on ahead!
We're running late, we
must get going, wait
for mark, he's still not
here too.

I was like WHA? because I don't know how to get to the venue, and it's been only 20 minutes after our calltime, then I rushed on to the bathroom, after taking a bath, I barely fixed up myself, then, my shoes were used by brother in law, so I went to the party only wearing flip flops, and being the last person to be in there, we had no seats for us, yes everyone was reserved a seat, but it was per table, err..


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