Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Taking Baby Steps

We all start from scratch..

Some of us started off with a silverspoon, I saw this blog that has its own domain, and as I read the owner's blog post, it was bought to her as a gift, not knowing where to start on blogging.

And some are the "Crash and Burn" types, they go on to register on what is stated on my..


thinking that they'll be filthy rich in just hours, and as the days goes by, as its a pebbled road for the beginners, many are withered out, those who are persistent make it to the road less pebbled (whoa that's new).

After a month, their roads are beginning to take a more smooth path, as they are accustomed to the blogosphere and the other things in my Newbie Guide.

I blabbered all of this on my blog post to look back on where I came from and what I am now, I might not be a badass money making blogger, but I'm proud to say that I made progress.

I'll post my history of blogging for this week, and I'm thinking of abandoning my MJ'S, its no fun if no one answers.


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